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Live UPDATES: Officer ordered from the Oslo crime scene to the train office

Chris Morris, The Canadian Press

Published on Friday, November 30, 2013 at 12:45 pm EST

Last updated on November 30, 2018 1:41 PM EST

St. John, NB. The multi-billionaire Richard Aaland's body was found to have caught unnecessary attention from several St John police officers following the trial of Disney's Oland murder.

"I strictly admit to my crime," he said. On July 7, 2011, Mac Smith said he found two unknown officials.

Smith, a 69-year-old businessman and ex-Maoussef Breweries executive, Richard Oland, is responsible for collecting forensic evidence in the murder of St. John's office. July 6, 2011 was killed.

It shows that the butterfly is on his table, and his head was broken with repeated frequency from a weapon he never saw. The upper half of the body has a large pool that runs through the blood.

Oland's only son, Dennis, 50, is in second degree trial. This is the second trial of Andal – in his first trial in 2015, the jury was sentenced.

The prosecutor said in court that it was an outrage that occurred due to the serious sample financial problems of Dennis Oleander. Dennis, who defended her innocence, was a victim of police investigation.

Glenn McCloskey, deputy chief of staff of the St. John's police force, retired and constant, were two officers who fled the Smith Warrior. Greg Oram was McClure's second visit that day. During the first test, he admitted he was "impressed" on the second occasion.

McCoolick's behavior was part of the first investigation of the new Brunswick police commission. Another official said another criminal investigator did not want to hear about his presence in the crime. However, after the retirement of McLuco, a more detailed investigation was derailed.

Said Smith. Two officers were released.

The trial of police personnel has been questioned in the trial that it has failed to prevent the crime of being prevented, the escape from the back door and the failure to properly examine an office. Wash.

On Friday, Smith's attorneys did not cross the cross. Then he will stand still.

Two other policemen in Constantin on Friday RobCarles and Constal. Don Webber, Crown Prosecutor PJ Jenit interrogated the investigations into the investigation.

Both have been recovered from murder, weapon, weapon, weapon and weapon.

Kallysal said that the video will see the videos from July 6, 2011. Especially, weighing 5 ft 10 inches blue light colored pants, wearing a black blaer.

"The name did not mention," the Colistsey told the court.

Dennis Oland, July 6, 2011, wearing a yellow color and a brown jacket. Richard Oland was the last person he found alive when he came to his father's office.

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