Thursday , June 8 2023

Large quantities of cocaine in the river are highly competitive


Historic and famous London also rose to the top of corruption. A study by research conducted by Kings College in London suggests that cocaine metabolism can be traced back to the River Theamas, which is more than any other continent in the continent.

The people drink the urine and reach the river. The cocaine does not extend the treatment process, so it goes directly to water. Additionally, even water in the river flowing through storms will increase the number of cocaine in water. Researchers have found that cocaine creates a "hyperactive" atlas and that the environmental condition of the surrounding environment is at the same time.

Researchers found a micron at a litter in a litter unacited water. A report published by Italian scientists reveals that when a liter a couple of micrograms leave, they can cause damage to their neighbors and damage the muscle. The brain has been reported to have brain and muscles.

According to waste management, London residents use more cocaine than any other European city, and are much higher than other cities. We would like to have upgraded water treatment methods for filtration of chemicals. However, before opening in 2023, the Treadave Tunnel Center should stop all the trains from the river.

Experts and environmentalists who have nothing to do with the study have convinced the public to research. Cocaine metabolites found in the study and quantity of study have been found to be disturbing. Standards in the river are not just about the standard used in Italian controlled studies. Tempe is contaminated at one time, but it is one of the pureest elements of water in Europe.

Detective cocaine levels rise disappear and it is not an environmental issue. It is not a reason for an activist group to wait to save it, but London residents are trying to consume cocaine, and representatives of water resources can make their game a little bit better.

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