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Kevin Smith reveals why Ben Affleck spoke to him

Kevin Smith The "big mouth" is a friendship with a long time colleague Ben AffleckThe director told fans earlier this week.

One of the comedies of "Dagma," "Chasing Amy" and "Malrotts" tweeted a tea picked up by Afelk. "I sometimes realized that Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith should not talk to each other."

Smith tweeted about his own "speculation" curiosity.

"One of us has a big mouth, we have stories we can not say, the other is Ben," he wrote.

Affleck is a respected filmmaker, who has made his acting debut in the hit movie "Jersey Girl". Smith also won the Best Actress in a Jaya and Silent Bob Strike Back. Smith won the first Oscar for "Good Will Hunting", Affleck and Matt Damon. Finally they joined together when Aflake soon appeared in 2006's comedy Clarex II.

For years that Smith was not able to draw closer, Smith is quite clear. He said in 2016 TMZ Three years later he did not speak to Afraid. "I have not seen him for more than three years as I'm mad at him," he explained. "Finally, I met him as a program and played the last one in the film Baatman.

Smith said in 2014 Yahoo! In the coffee corner he called Aflake "a tired king". "I'm not that [close with him] For decades, "he adds," he knew the old ben.

"He is a wife [Jennifer Garner] I do not listen to myself, "he said." And he added, honestly, he always cared for me at all. He has a triple A movie star and that's it. If he's Jimmy Carter, I'm Billy Carter, tell it in the 70s. I'm not connected anymore. "

Affleck and Garner were the divorced women. In 2009, Smith announced that he was not his admirer, so Afelk was influenced by Silent Boy himself.

"Jennifer does not share the same sense of humor – she does not like my jokes," Smith said, The New York Daily News. "Ben Affleck was making fun of him because I had known him for a long time – I'm talking Smack – Jennifer goes out and you know, if you do not say things about him, I'm going with you – and she's gone – I've seen Alice & Ali. She expressed a funny sense of physical beauty, and I'm joking Not understood. "

In the spring Spring last year, Smith suffered a major heart attack, saying that Afelk could not help him well. When sharing that Nagatean, he responded to opening his "big mouth" to tell a great example Too Innocence

Smith was speaking at the 20th anniversary of "Chasing Amy" at the Los Angeles LGG Film Festival. Smith shared a proud story about Ben Affleck. Movie. However, it ended Hatred against his previous friend, Instead. Aklek told the 24-year-old Afelik, "One man kisses one of the biggest challenges a actor can face, and now I'm a good actor."

"Westward" star Ivan Rachel Wood is excited from this story, tweeted ("be missing"), "try rape in a field, grow up the ben."

Smith admitted that he had a good reason not to speak to him.

"Ben Affleck and if so, how will I in any way, you may only see your people in your life to be more prayasappetuttunnulluvennan .. So I thought, hrdayaghatattekkuricc he heard, and was glad he was alive, to move forward," Smith said, "I have a lot of problems, . Now, I understand this, I will try to talk to him. We did it for five minutes. He heard hrdayaghatattekkuricc, but he heard it. & # 39; Why is this ridiculous talking about me? & # 39; "

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