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Kareena Kapoor is a ki, Anil Kapoor bowler for Mowgli in the Hindi trailer: Legend of the Jungle | Hollywood


The first Hindi trailer in Netflix Muggle: The Legend of the Jungle is outlined and the sounds of some big Bollywood stars. Kareena Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Balu, Bahira, Madhuri Dixit, Nisha, Jari Shroff and Sher Khan.

As the new trailer shared a week ago with the same duo, it was after dubbing in Hindi. Although Kareena does not like her own, Jackie Shroff threatens her with a strong voice as her villain. Madhuri's voice and calmness are majestic, immortalized by Magguli's adopted Woolf Amma. Anil told his maugal, "Chal Kud!" As you say, Abhishek's voice is friendship and wisdom. Maigli's adviser and friend is Baiga.

A Mumbai-based movie world-famous movie trailer was released on Sunday. Hindi and English players were participating. At the function, Andy Sergis (voice of Balu) was also attended by actor Bastin (voice to bagir). Kate Blanchett (ka) and Benedict Kumberbach (Shearek Khan) did not attend the function. Actors Fraida Pinto and Rohan Chand came to the audience. They present human characters in the film.

Kareena spoke about her acting career. Why was it decided to tell me something? Everyone knows "jungle book". Our entire youth is about moggly, baguera, baloo and other characters. These characters actually lived with us. Now they are looking at a global platform like Netflix.

New Delhi, Nov 23 (PTI) Abhishek Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Rohit Chand, Lewis Sergius, Fraida Pinto, Andrew Sekkes and Anil Kapoor – have been named as the world's most celebrated red carpet rehearsals in Mumbai. 25, 2018.

"When I got the project I was offered Saif (Ali Khan) to Ka, because it is a very powerful and unique character and I enjoy the honor to give my voice to the character," she added.

On November 25, 2018, British actor Andy Sarkis (L & T) is working with Anil Kapoor, Indian Bollywood actor at Netflix Muggle: The Legend of the Jungle newspaper in Mumbai.

Abhishek Bachchan, addressing the Black Panther (Baagira), said, "The whole experience will be challenged and exhausted." That was a challenge. The first verse in our movies or industry is not a big factor of your personality, but you always pass through the characters, which is not western. It's almost uncertainty in Indian cinema … Freedom is that you have to work within those boundaries to become a new character. "

Netflix was shot on December 7.

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First Published: November 26, 2018 12:57 IST

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