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"Jupiter 4" by Sharon Van Etten Review

The latest song from Sharon van Eight's upcoming album "Jupiter 4" Remind me tomorrowThere is a voiced sound that sounds like a traveling sound: a rotating windshield on a dried surface, or a reel pulled behind the slow roll. Van Eten released her last album in 2014 Are we there, Her life has changed in many ways: she plays the "OA", returning to the academy. "Jupiter 4" is like a songwriter's product. It revives again with a revival, liberalization, and music.

With the help of the producer John Cornlton, "Jupiter 4" draws herself in a dark landscape with heavy syntax and drum machines. On Are we thereVan Eton's pain was seething away from the inner nature, and was in a relaxed, handsome, friendly quest. But now, her environment is disturbed. "Jupiter 4" is an unknown to eternal searches for love. Van Eten's voice is optimistic and has a habit of survival: "baby, baby, and baby," "as well as pain and fear. Her efforts will not be anymore; Here, they are under threat. Light is dark in darkness, but where does light come from? Mystery continues with track swirls and fades.

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