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Johnny Joe's J Scarborough and Mike Briscoe were married


Joe Scrabborough and Andrew Brisezky got married

The FIG Johnny Joe The co-hostel hosted the ceremony at the National Archives in Washington. Vanity fair.

"Would you like us to be that simple and simple, did not you expect Mia and Joe," said verse 51 to Brasiezsky. "Everything we do is exposed and everything is exposed, so we want this to be private until it ends, and we wanted to recognize us more calmly and emphasize our surroundings." Our show is a cocktail party every morning. "

A couple on keeping the details of the event were emotional. Accordingly Vanity fair, Scarborough, 55, and Brzezinsky are no more malicious. They made 14 phone calls to their family members and close friends and guests were not aware of the dinner until Saturday evening. "

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At the ceremony, Brisjezky and Scarborough dressed in a purple-white, tea long milled garments with a soft, tinted sleeve designed by Michel Smith and Scarborough chose a traditional black dress and a black tie.

The Handle is played in the center of the main character playing Handley's "Sheba Queen", "The History," "Justice," and the Ten Commandments to read " Vanity fair Reported.

"We made an event one year ago and we were just plowing, we saw all these documents and knew how they could see us," Brzeznsky told in the magazine. "Today still deserves more importance, we stand for couples, what we do for a living and we are concerned as a country."

The Democratic Republic of Maryland led Elijah Cumming's chair.

Twelve news broke out when two-year-old Bresnenski separated from her husband and 22-year-old husband. In 2013, Scarborough has three children. The second wife separated.

A decade after the opening of a show, Brinsinski and Scarborough were involved in May 2017.

José Scarborough and Andrew Brisezky

Brisjenski's 50th birthday told Sarke a page suggested by Scarborough on holidays in France and Monaco.

"Down with a knee, the ring suggested a old style of style and, of course, Mike accepted that they were returning on Cloud On Air," said Insider Outlet. "There are no wedding plans yet, but they say their families are happy news."

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In an interview entitled "Dial Danny" by Sirius XMS, Scarborough talked about their relationship, "I was a bit shocked at my house, I realized when my house was thin around … I was Bridge Jones."

"I realized that she was alone and that everything was out," he adds.

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