Friday , September 30 2022 chief Liu Qiangdong has not been raped


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Prosecutors said that Liu's status as "a wealthy, foreign businessman" did nothing

Chinese e-commerce firm's chief executive Liu Qingdonge is not subject to any sexual harassment following arrest in the US in September.

Prosecutors said they did not find enough evidence against Liu following allegations of raping a student at the University of Minnesota.

He denied misunderstood and returned a day later to China. is one of the largest e-commerce sites in China.

"This is a complex situation in many cases of sexual harassment," states Hannibal County Attorney Mike Freeman in a statement.

The court has said that there are "unusual issues" that prove allegations.

  • Sexual assault case:

The 45-year-old Liu was in charge at the University of Carlsen School of Management in the university.

On August 30, a group of friends also ate.

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It was released on the day that Liu, known as Richard Liu, was arrested

On August 31, police arrested Liu after being summoned to a friend of the woman.

Evidence from body cameras wearing officers is "not supported by criminal offenses in this case", the statement says.

"It had no connection with Liu's position as a wealthy and foreign merchant.

According to Forbes, Liu now has $ 5.3 billion (£ 4.2 billion).

People in the social media arrested in Liu in China are confused.

The company has informed consumers that the consumer will be disrupted for the first time since 2014.

Within arrest, 18 months less than a week.

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