Thursday , November 26 2020

International tracking for low open franchise

In a matter of weeks, within the next few weeks of the International, the Sony Comedian Fiacy franchise foresees a foreseeable future especially during the past weekend.

As veverty notes, Black man: International For $ 40 million opening tournament. This image will be displayed along with new lines Shift The second sequel that opens 18 million dollars. If there are those numbers, the franchise downgrades for both films. The first for comparison Black people $ 51 million opened in 97 & # 39; Men in Black II $ 52 million opened in & # 39; Men in black 3 $ 54.5 million in 12th.

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Relationship: Black in Men: The International Trailer by Tess Thompson reveals

Black man: International Sonny's day-to-date release has been released worldwide, and is still in the forefront of seeing how much of the film will do abroad. The $ 110 million budgeted film has reported that the film's international hegemony will be inevitable as future installations will be inevitable.

This is the first one Black people Will Smith, Ti: Wonder, Vince Smith, Chris Homes Worth and Tessa Thompson are the two wonders who have played the role of Rignerick and Ajeers: Endage.

Relationship: Men in Black: International Teaser Trolls of Thrones Oven Cup Buffet

The first three Black people Films have been produced around $ 1.6 million in the box office worldwide. International The first film will be executed in franchise, which will open up to $ 50 million for current projects. However, reviews can and will likely, and the first week of film may be better or worse. There were no other major releases from that week ShiftFilm will be spent 50 million dollars. Now we will have to wait when we are near the release.

Director F. Gary Gray, Black man: International Chris Homesworth, Tessa Thompson, Rebecca Ferguson, Kumal Nanjiyani, Rafe Spal, Laurent Bourgas, and Larry Bourgeois with Emma Thomson and Liam Neeson. The movie will be screened on June 14th.

Once an explosion occurred in the Hollywood trailer

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