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In the seeds of gauze, the sperm count is reduced and decreased


According to a report published in epigenics, regular consumption of carbohydrates can reduce the number of sperm and sperm. Previous studies show that use of cannabis can reduce the number of sperm.

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As scientists have learned earlier that alcohol and tobacco may have an effect on pregnancy, researchers are using the same microscope to ganja. Nevertheless, recent study focused on men's attention. According to a published report EpigeneticsThe use of relative glands reduces the number of sperms and sperms. Previous studies show that use of cannabis can reduce the number of sperm.

Duke University scientists have found that the use of genes operating in cells can significantly change the use of cannabis. In other studies, similar changes in gene's genetic mutations are associated with abnormal growth and cancer. However, researchers could not determine whether these changes apply to fertilization and the long term health of children. Nevertheless, they advised precaution.

In the absence of a large, specific study, it will be a great way to ensure that these changes will be there [in sperm]"Said Susan Murphy, a co-writer in the study," professor of gynecology in Duke. "As a precaution, I would say stop using ganja for up to six months before trying to get pregnant."

The study was conducted by two different partners: mice and humans. A group of mice had been given the psychedoactive agent (THC) of Cannabao. There was no other group. Comparing sperms with men who consumed weekly menstrual gases, men and women were appointed. Dujin scientists also appointed 24 people.

In humans and in sperm, the number of sperms in the sperm has changed and changed. Although researchers did not take control of THC counters in household canbibi, they found more THC in urine related to more changes in fertilization.

Murphy pointed out that pilot study was the first to learn whether the use of gaze affected the fluid in the semen. Scientists have already done follow-up studies.

"We do not know what it is, but older adolescents have a legitimate relationship with ganja," said senior colleague Scott Collins, a Duke psychologist professor in a statement.

Several scientists have pointed out the need for further research into the effects of cannabis beetting. Some of the questions that scientists expect is whether they use long-term influence in their children or how to use suburban use in the use of cannabis.

"I want to be very careful with something that does not have the result," said MurphyThe FIG. I do not intend to scare people. Our goal is to learn about biology and the results there. "

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