Tuesday , September 27 2022

In the pictures: Blasts on the south coast of the strong December hurricane beacon


A strong storm fell on trees at sea from the bottom of the river on Wednesday.

At the peak of the storm, over 310,000 people have been damaged in their power throughout the region.

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The strength of 310,000 of its power is the South Coast of the BC

BC Ferries canceled all ships for hours and delayed and canceled at Vancouver International Airport.

There was an accident. A helicopter escaped from a crashing white rocket peer. Another was injured in Sergei. One person in Duncan died.

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Partially crushed white rock escape from the peer

The region is home to one of the coldest winter months in the southern part of the year.

Here are some of the more dramatic images from this region.


North Shore

Fraser south

Fraser valley

Vancouver Island, Georgia's Sarita

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