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In 2017, statistics say that all crimes will rise to an all-time high

The number of fake encounters in the world has been highest in 2017, according to police statistics. The attack was aimed at Jews, Jews, and blacks.

Cycle crime is likely to rise steadily since 2014, according to the Federal Agency. In the last year, however, 47 percent of the data was collected by 2017. The Canadian police has reported 2,073 cases of crimes against women.

Statistics from Ontario and Quebec will increase, statistics say.

The worst incident happened in the country, killing six Muslim citizens. Others were seriously injured. In Quebec City mosque fire broke out in January 2017. This spring Alexandra Bissonte, 28, pleaded guilty. Islamophobia is replaced by "fear and fearful fears of despair."

But in small cases the police are also intervening.

The federal hatreds section of the Toronto Police says it will investigate 186 attacks in 2016. In neighboring Hamilton, rape and rape incidents increased by 18 per cent.

Alberta and British Columbia also increased the number of incidents.

Reports in Canada say that more and more haters will hack some more people. But warns you do not report a large number.

In 2017, the Canadian police reduced crimes to 1.9 million and crimes by 0.1 percent.

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