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"I'm very proud of where I am from"

Cross lacquer – It was a dream, Brady Keeper said, because Brady is the only one who can describe what he has experienced. Parade, broad-eyed children across the streets, his native atmosphere, joined the banners filled with thousands of familiar people.

He is grateful for all that they did. "I have to work on it," says 22-year-old Florida, with more people worse than having an over-the-spectator hockey player. Panther's Defender made short his speech, yet, anyway, found the words that spoke all that.

"I'm very proud of where I am from."

About where he comes from. On Wednesday, Kim Khemking welcomed the audience when Pimi returned to his home in Chikamak Creek, after signing his NILL agreement last month. A contest in a career in a new face, he is already a legend at home.

It is a place where cars flourished with florida pantars flags overnight. The shoulders are closed in the pantars jersey. In the lake of the lake the garden is a place where a fire truck is climbing. The decorated vehicles in the Florida Panther Logos are very long.

He went back to Parade and waited for thousands of bright gowns. And the children surrounded him. When selfies were caught near a young man, they grew up as an adult hockey hockey player. The poet's rear broke down when he entered his way through the crowds.

On one hand, Brady's father, Antony Keeper, has seen visions with shiny eyes. That day and today, he said that he was in this ring, the brandy with a glow of glistening shit in the empty legs. Now he and his wife saw him autographs for hundreds of cross-lock kids.

"How I respond is very difficult," Anthony said. "I guess … children are inspired, they are more likely to stay in touch with their dreams, I'm happy with the kids here and kids … I do not have the words to explain."

In fact, the keeper left home on Tuesday night. He understood very little in the community. He played hockey in the night's playhouse and he had a quiet night with his family. He was not home when he played hockey in Mainn University.

In addition, there was reason to keep it silent. For weeks, Brad was asked by parents when she returned to Brady; One of the stories heard that he had gone back a day before he returned. So the kids have reached the family of the Kepler family for a Goghl autograph, or to capture Brady's view.

<img src = "" alt = "Adrian Wild / The Canadian Press

Florida Panther's defenseman Brady Keeper, Cross Lake, Mana A Crest Defenseman, Skating against the Attac Senators in Odhava March 28 in the NHL operation.


Adrian Wilderness / The Canadian Press

Florida Panther's defenseman Brady Keeper, Cross Lake, Mana A Crest Defenseman, Skating against the Attac Senators in Odhava March 28 in the NHL operation.

Therefore, when the success of his victorious victory the society was enthusiastic. The local radio station was the hit of the Tina Turner Excellent is the simplicityIt has been submitted to the keeper. Before the parade, the keeper stopped breakfast in a comfortable restaurant. Within seconds, Warren Hallco tried to bring a florid flag to Joseph.

Halcrow knows the keeper over the years; They played ball with each other. When looking at the "tears of joy" following the rise of the keeper, Halcrow said. For the first time he was in the snow with the pants.

"From the cross lace I'm proud of you," Halcrow said.

That pride hid in the hunt for the keeper's housemaid. The rituals were emotional, arguing, and meaningless; Sherly Sinclair was a veteran, calling Keerth's victory "Bless". When Lord's prayed, Keerthi's grandfather Frank McKay blinded himself to his Florida jersey.

There were words of gratitude, hope, words of generosity. Manitoba Kevinovi, Grand Chief Garrison Seti, from Cross-Encyclopedia, nicknamed "Pimmykica Mas's Greatest Day in the History", looked at the look of the keeper and surrounded his family.

"The PCCCCCCCCC Nation changed it to NHL and we are always reminded," Setti said. "You were proud of us, you did not call us, you shouted us, in everything, you removed the Pamichikic Crew Nation around the world."

A crowd of people heard those words engulfed its feet.

Keeper, his family, agent and his university of maiden assistant coach Alfi Michaud were awarded the prize money. They received flowers for representing the protection and protection of the society. The horner took a photo of Aruba Boralli. Remember that he travels northward to the north.

It is still far off to go. And bring it home. At the end of the season, Panthers tried to make him stronger, so a few weeks later he would go elsewhere – he was not sure where he was – to train. "Make a dance dance one day, he will get stronger," said an MKO employee joke.

But now, he dwells in the Territory 5 area-or, after the funeral Chief Tommy Monias, "now Panter's territory" – his family around him. They have supported him by halting the hockey career for over a year, now they are leaving everything.

"I can not even tell you how I feel, it's crazy," the keeper said. "Seeing everyone's people, kids, I know they have a lot of meaning and that means a lot … If it's a reservation of 8,000 people, let's do anything in life, whether it's sports or anything.

"If you submit to your hard work and dedication, you can do anything you want."

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