Sunday , January 29 2023

I went to buy a MacBook Air and Apple tried to sell me a MacBook Pro


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Apparently, the MacBook Pro is not as good as that


Some things are with you.

There are only a few MacBook Air users.

I've used them since they took off from a cover of Steve Jobs. Since they're so simple, effective and reliable, I've learned them publicly.

However, the air was not so great, since it was a rational to think of whether it was possible to become a new one.

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Apple is finally in debt. I had to go to an Apple Story to buy. After all, this should be great, well, it's emotionally for me.

I was accosted by a salesman in the moments of walking for a bay area apple store.

I explained to myself that I have always started using the air, that I loved them with their joy, sir, I want to buy a new one.

"HUM," Sailman said.

It follows the last thing he expected: "People say, I want them to show Macbook Pro."

"Yet," I kept my inner voice. "I want to buy the new MacBook Air."

He did not hear that. Instead, he continued: "With Macbook Pro you get a better computer."

He came forward to bring relative charts and support for the pro support.

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"It's a very good process, so it's faster," he said. I'm impressed with all of its Gigher series, but it's getting very quiet.

My mind switched off when I talked about graphics cards and some other numbers. Because I was a little disappointed.

"It's just 100 dollars," he said.

When I asked all this Please, let me buy a new MacBook Air.

For a few seconds I found myself flummoxed forever. Then I felt like a clear question: "Is there something about the air?"

"Battery life in two hours and it's lightweight," he said, "if I have not already sold it, I have sold it completely.

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One laptop will be light and the battery life is longer than my current air and the two things that are very important to me.

Pro Salesman did not do.

"But the air is not lighter," he said. "Here, chose the two of them and try them."

I did, and I was, of course, the program to believe the air is already lightened. A lot of weight.

I'm not sure that I have ever felt like an exciting and emotional effort to buy a different product that I need.

This was not an unpleasant conversation. It was just a bit strange. MacBook Pro was as specific as today's and it had to sell it or go with it.

"You really want to buy Pro," I said. "Why?"

What is Apple's new MacBook Air?

"I think it's a good value," he repeated, but failed. The air knew I was satisfied with my needs, but it's a signal that my needs may not be right.

"you know what?" A temporary addition to the hope of building a little stress. "I like air, please."

As he was reversed for a date, his head struck down a bit. I did not ask if I needed 8 GB and 16 GB memory. He cemented eight and ordered the remake.

Perhaps, in his mind, we have low initial type of air users who do not need much memory.

I'm afraid that buying MacBook Air is our long memory. We remember how good they are always.

I do not know how this air compares to the classics I use for some time.

But I have one thing to say: I will not buy a MacBook Pro. You know, because.

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