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How to get Amazon Prime for free

A year later, some people are banning the members of the Amazon Prime Minister's revelations about Amazon's workforce, privacy, law-breaking products, and government taxes.

But boycotting a feature of a conscious company in every nook of your life does not actually do much to hurt Amazon. Amazon Web Service is an important backbone of the Internet, and it is inevitable. An important subscription is priced at $ 12.99 a month. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world who have more money than he has. Amazon estimates 44% of all e-commerce sales in the US in 2017.

You will not waste a piece of Amazon's profit by canceling the premium. The more fun and the more fun the gear is to be serious. That's why I never want to pay for the prepaid, instead of using trials instead.

I've been doing it for years, and in this way in absolute way, I have been active for a minute or two, so I can learn my mistakes.

Step 1: Open a new email account
Perhaps you have used your daily email address in past trials, and you can not use it again to get a new free trial. Open your favorite email service – Yahoo, AOL, MSN and start a new address. I am avoiding creating Gmail banners because I've used Google products for a lot of things and will confuse it. Actually you should not use fake email addresses (such as email fraudulent or non-garbage mail) that do not have access to a secure inbox, because you actually have to use this inbox to verify and verify your trial. Order updates.

Note: Most email providers will set a limit on the number of accounts you can open at the same email number. Since you will associate this email with the last Amazon to your credit card credit card details, you would like to ensure double authenticity. If you would like to make more security, you could buy a lower prepaid phone and use that number to get 2 field codes.

When you close a sealing, go to the next email client. There are hundreds of people there. One day, if I am a hundred years old, I'll come out of email clients. But it is about the heat and death of the universe: I'm not doing it.

Step 2: Get a password manager
This is a crucial part of the game. Do not miss it. Please take me-if you do make dozens of them, you need a way to make these logins easier. You do not have to remember the login credentials for your Amazon account, but all the burner email accounts.

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If you do not have one already, use the LastPass or the Password Manager you like. Using the password manager will help you make your online life more secure.

Step 3: Start your experiment
You should already get out of the Amazon account and start a new one in your email address. From there, hit the chemistry anywhere on the site. You can find it, it just fucking everywhere and leaving you alone. Go ahead and "try" the Prime.

This will ask you to add your credit card, but that's fine. We're going to make sure that Amazon will never charge for a primary in a second.

At that moment, Amazon does not seem to carry out legislation on how much free trial can sign up for a person. Some people have reported in this Red Hat thread that there was a break in their experiments after 30 responders. The terms and conditions of the Amazon Prime does not say that you should not be allowed to store free trial, however the company may "suspend our representation without notice at our discretion."

The Amazon email or how I ask, they will monitor the new main accounts, and will update as to whether I listen.

Step 4: End your trial
It was time for Jeff Bezos. As soon as the trial begins, move on to end it.

To do this, go to your account at the top bar, and then the Prime Minister. It may take a minute to activate your trial-there's a very small log you're signing up when these options are available-but you can see that your account activity is left in the left sidebar. Near the bottom, there will be a link to "Last Trial and Benefit" or "Remind me before renewing". You will not check what email address you signed up for, so you are Ends That will not be remembered.

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From here you will be guided by the worst user experience that I've seen. Carefully take action by clicking "Cancel my achievements" as you try to keep the site going.

After a few attempts to keep you up, you will reach a page to cancel. In small print, you will see that this option will end up with your membership at the end of the month, and you can then use the trial benefit.

Once I learned the lesson I did not face difficulty. I forgot to end a trial. I realized that Amazon had been charging me for months for membership and there is no evidence that the e-mail address is guilty. I had to log in to every Amazon account and email inbox (since I forgot the passwords, but I'm not using the newPostPapaPass), trying to find the culprit and cancel the subscription. Do not be like me, I want to avoid this mistake.

Step 5: Live your life

You can use all the benefits of premium for the next 30 days, free of charge. Sometimes I remember a reminder when I ended up on my calendar, so I know when I need it and I need to be refreshed. But as the trial started, you do not need to remember yourself, in fact, every time you login you remind the site that your benefits end. You can definitely create a new one every time you need it every 30 days to dot again.

See bonus step: Invert

Make a little self-about how often you can use the dumb to suggest that you can catch a small local shop. Once, how do I check the new accounts and change the Amazon. Maybe that day. Until then, you can live fast and die free copper.

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