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Here are the best selling Nintendo Switch games in the US in the year 2018


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Sales over the past few hours will give us information. Last year, we provided detailed insights from Nintendo in the US. We already know Super Smash Bros. Ultimatum It was the fifth best selling game on all platforms, the switch was the best selling system, but how does the switch look at specific charts?

Well, you have so much data here, thanks to the NPD Group Matt Piscetela. The following is a list of top 10 games in America.

Note: This chart is sold by dollar and the unit is not selling.

1) Super Smash Bros.
2) MacKay Cart 8
3) Super Mario Odyssey
4) The Legend of Selda: The Wild Beast
5) Super Mario Party
6) Go to Pokémon: Let's go!
7) Go: Let's go, this is it!
8) Split 2
9) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
10) Kirby Star Allies

The original game & # 39; Mario Kart 8 & # 39; s original game for the Wii U and Switch Deux edition. Although Piscatella has confirmed that it refers to, it actually says "deluxe".

In the last season, in the latest season, in the latest season, Mario and Célio, it is a new switched owner and is one of the top ten lists in 2017. One Nintendo Published Title.

Did you buy any of the ten games of the year? Have you dreamed of any of the games made in the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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