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Healthy food prices will rise again – BC Local News


One of the roles of a registry diaries is to monitor the cost of balanced meals. In 2017, according to the report "BC Food Costing in BC", $ 1,019, an increase of 45 dollars for the same food in 2015 (this increased from $ 60 in 2013). These costs do not include special food needs, cultural or other dietary preferences, non-food items, taking food or similarity, spices or kitchen equipment and utensils. The cost of food is comparable to the income, and it is clear that the lowest income people can experience the greatest impact. In 2012, 12.7 percent of the BC population or 485,000 people did not feed the food.

Causes and food insecurity are complex, but affordable home loans will be one. Finds a high priority shelter than eating nutrition. As you can imagine, health and health care costs are affected because the food insecurity is very expensive. The cost of the cost of doing nothing and the cost of healthier diet is $ 13.8 billion annually ($ 5.1 billion), health care costs and $ 8.7 billion lost in productivity and indirect costs).

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For example:

Nutrition for breastfeeding mothers will not be able to maintain breastfeeding as long as mothers who are insecure in the food are not living.

• Eating high levels of illnesses like health, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, food allergies etc.

• Diabetes food vulnerable individuals decrease success in the management of sugar in their blood

• Foodless individuals are at increased risk of depression and disturbance (including emotional and uncertain emotions), social isolation.

Childhood is a special risk factor for both depression and elderly people, such as depression and suicidal symptoms.

• Foodless children have poor academic results and social skills.

Looks like the picture. As a community, we have to find ways to promote indigenous food security, which keeps the personality dignity of a person directly or indirectly affecting everyone else. Involvement in municipal politics, non-profit organizations (ShuSawad Food Action Society, Shusof Family Resource Center), Emergency Relief (Salvation Army Food Bank and Second Harvest).

– Sterina Cancer is a dietitian registered at the Sheswop Lake General Hospital


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