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Health in your pocket: How smart phones can prevent disease?


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The healthcare is slowly moving towards the smartphone. Heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar levels. It can track a mobile technology: If the performance is not okay – it's time to see a doctor. Some gadgets offer a few hours to stroke. Such devices are attached to the body or wear as a bare sleight or watch, and all health indicators are displayed through a smartphone application.

Overall health and health.

How Mobile Health Works

A 10-second electrocardiogram in a smartphone. Pulse, frequency, breathing, and heat. These are a small device under the heart or chest. All data is routed to a smartphone. Sometimes the indicators are normal or whether the cardio or their status is given a general standard, for example. If the status is critical, the device is asked to go to the doctor, and sends information about the patient's health to the relatives.

"One day I called my mother and they complained that on the third day of headache they could not get out of bed, and she suffered from the disease, I asked you what you called me and did not want to listen to me, but it made me feel worried, and then I removed the information that I had on my smartphone The way It presents a thought about and understood the form. At the end, we did kardiyeamea. Kardiyeagram high-quality, svasakeasareagya rate, skin temperature and shows on your smartphone device. Mainly it takes to reveal the dynamics. For example, see the device in the normal pulse is the same, dont compare isiji Donors. Set of pulse instruct on how to approach the doctor will usually suggest to do. Something is wrong, of equal importance, the family will receive a push message to their mobile phone, "says the founder of the Roman belikn kardiyeameayute the beginning.

Family doctor Yuri Biocov believes that such a device is a good way of health. But I'm not sure that it is accurate.

"I often see patients kabalippikkunnatayi smart watches, fitness or pets. It kaivarikkunnatayirikkum, it is the goal of their activity and keep track of. For instance, a person of ordinary pressure or heart srad'dhikkumenkil me, glad to bring to the attention of my areagyaprasnatte. The To, and I believe that the pressure of the gadget is shown in his office, "- said baikeav.

Gadgets in the future are health

Health care will be linked to more technology. The next step in the development of Belkin Novel is Health 3.0. For example, the hospital and the doctors who use your health to believe – doctors only understand the diagnostic results. The patient does not understand what it is, and they obey what they say – take some tablets or take some steps.

We are now in the health field – a doctor who has a doctor and a doctor who has to send a doctor to a doctor.

"Health3.0 personally depends on the health of the person, but what's wrong and what people are trying to do is look at the supermarket first when they are able to monitor their pulse, blood pressure, and more complicated devices equipped with EGG," Belin said.

Thousands of mobile health applications are available for downloading 325. Half of them were integrated into other gadgets, such as fitness quarries. Such programs across the world have downloaded 3.7 billion times. But there is no standard for their efficiency or selection.

Pioneers can become Americans. A year ago, a plan was developed for the development of digital health in the United States. The US is seriously considered a tool for public health improvement. For example, to combat obesity, cardiovascular diseases. The quality office of products and medicines is checked by the FDA-Gadgets and their recommendations for use. Recently the FDA approved the medical needs for the freestyle libreck glucose meter that does not use the first one for diabetes. Measuring glucose levels in blood, the unit of treatment is not given, but it should be checked after each meal. The FDA has advised the use of an Apple watch for medical purposes.

There is a possibility of mobility in the background of increasing European population and maternal health care.

MHealth solutions will help you to find precise positions in early stages through autonomous and self-sufficient diagnostics and take appropriate intervention. "The European Commission" Green Book Mobile Health "will be able to improve the quality of life and increase the experience of new ways to promote" healthy behavior ".

According to predictions of MHealth Economics, more and more technical solutions will diabetics in the digital health market. After diabetes, "obesity" and "depression".

However, it is unlikely that private electronics will replace medical devices in the near future, says creative director Sergey Mityaev, founder of Gagadget. At the same time, it can work as a normal use monitoring tool and prevent serious health effects.

"The main health problem is when the patients go to the doctor, everything is" working. "The pulp is very good for modern trackers, and a new Apple watch lets you measure the ECG, and in the future, these devices will be more and more, and their primary purpose is to continuously monitor the index and report. Modern clinics without computer are already impossible, and all doctors use vibrators (observation, analysis, etc.) to send files, "- said Mitiv.

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