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Green Bay Pickers vs. Minimum wikings Risk, SCORE and STATS NFL Week 12


Green River Reverse (25-5-1), Auron Rodgers' quarterfinals Minsky Vikings (5-4-1) at Kirk Cousins ​​in the 12 NFL Football Games at NFC North Week on Sunday, November 25, 2018 at the US Bank Stadium / 25/18).

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AP Reap is:

When Kirk Cousins ​​and Minosona Viking took the lead in Green Bay, they refused to give up.

With the same determination they played the ball.

The worst game of the season is that of Kashyap's 342 pass boards and three touchdowns in the season. In the second half, it was 24-17, that was the victory margin.

The 38 goals scored by Dwayne Cook, Stephen Degres and Adam Thielen have been completed. Eighty receptions had a splash and thin hair.

"It shows what kind of character he is, what kind of player he is, and does not really pay attention to what people are talking about him, does not really care about the things that happened last week," said Thisen Cousins. He did not quit playing, his whole game was great, that's what you expect. "

Sheldon Richardson had two shawls. The game of Aaron Rogers's defense did not last. And Wickling (6-4-1) again picked up Pixers (4-6-1) in NFC wild card races.

Vikings won the first night of the season after defeating the first three teams in NFC: Los Angeles's Rams, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago, where the titles are the first. Vikings entered the weekend with the fourth big guns on NFL. The Cousin accused 13 of sixteen taluks. The cousins ​​were then mocked by coach Mike Simmeter and then played the pacers and gave the ball to the locker room.

The opportunity to become a rival in a division match on Sunday night in football was a great opportunity. The last day we read more. "

Rogers scored the first ball of the second round of the second round of Davenly Adams and Aaron Jones. The record of this season, 1-5 in the last seven meetings. Their last seven properties have only produced a field goal, five pandals and a turnover.

"We all started playing well, I included myself," said Rogers. "Since the game was good, we had two good drivers, where we were rolling out, and we did not recover our unfortunate normal bet."

Randall Kob (Hamstring) went out for the sixth game in the sixth game. Equunes St Brown (Elbow) and Trevor Davis (Hamsters) were eliminated to depart in the second half. Left Guard Lain Taylor (Quadrisps) dropped in the first half. David Bakariyari (Muk) took the second half. Rogers scored 17 from 28 without a record 1987.

Breakers failed to remove eight chips of chains at class 10. In the third quarter, Jons standardized Harrison Smith, Danielle Hunter and Midway of Eric Kandriks in the fourth. Green Bay gave the ball to Viking 44. Minésona's first dan Bali leads the 37-ball Bailey goal.

"We're definitely not the point, the record expert, but throughout the year, we thought we would win this game, but we wanted to score goals, but unfortunately we got out of gas." Pierce Linebacker Clay Mathews said. "We're beaten, there's no doubt about it, but they give them credit: they're in a fourth quarters."


Wickling was out for 280-139 in the first half. Fourth inch innings was opened at strategic time. In the field, 12 people were punished.

When Jeger Alexander fell into the second hand, degrees collided with 10 yards to save him after diggs attempted to recover him.

Bailey's left had 48 guards. Another highlight reel catch between Alexander and Josh John went for 33 guards. In the second quarter, after a few clocks of the clock, the Vikings were forced to install Bailey 51-yard kick. That's good, but Rashod Hill called for a wrong start. 56-yarder right-in-right, Golden bull Daniel Carlsen went to the 3rd rank and then hit the fifth ball against the defending champions after the day.

Package and the Happy House

The biggest announcement in the US Bank stadium was 66,872 in three years. The Mons and the Monsonis players reunited with Paul Baneen's accession in the first quarter and recovered from the rivals badges in Wisconsin. Honda was also host to the Pro Hallfed Hall of Fame rings.

Critical report

Passing: In addition to murder, SS Kendrell Brise casts a crunching wound in the first quarter and makes possible a disturbance in the third quarter. Sibi Kevin King, CB Bashad Brelend and others were injured as a result of injuries.

Neighbors: Artist Brain O'Neill was to evaluate a possible brain in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, CB Sewesar pulled Rodos to the right.


Packagers: Hospitality Association (2-9) next Sunday afternoon.

Vikings: Play New England next Sunday (8-3).

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Here's what you need to know:

Who is Rings vs vikings

What: NFL, Week 12

when: Sunday, November 25, 2018

Where is US Bank Stadium

Time: At 8:20 pm Eastern


Livestream: fuboTV, NBC Sports Live

Line: Vikings -3.5 (Over / Under: 47.5)

Notes to packages QB AARON Roadrays 3 (30 percent) 332 yards finished with 2 TDs. Last week's 128.8 ratings were INTERS. This season passes 50+ cups in 9 seasons. In week 2, the largest number of NFL. Partition of the last 10 has 26.6 successful TVs, 115.6 ratings INTS. His 26 guns. TDT without the inclusion of 3rd to 4th CD from IN 2002 Passes. (DREW BREES, 28 vs NFC South 2009-14 & Rogers, 28 vs NFC North since 2013-15). Weekly 11. RB AARON JONES 103 scrimmage yards (63 scratch, 40 rush) & 2 TDs (1 rish, 1 rec.). Targeted 3rd column with 100+ scrimmage yards & 2+ TDs In 446 there are 446 screwmix yards (Game 111.5), 5 TD (4th Rush, 1 Record). * Last day, 166 yardwards received 10 receptions. The purpose of his fourth format is with linearity. & Amp; The fifth partition using TDD catch. 5 reset. TDs in the last 4 years on ND North and Road Road. From 2016, 31 TD catches (Antonio Bron) and NFL are second. TE Robert Tania was the 11th and 54th yard TD cad a week, his first career reception & TD. * LB Clerical FakeLal Kerr Carrier has 6 pieces. The purpose of the third row is repeated in the sack. In Elbe Clai Matthews the week 11 was in the FF. Last 5 vs. Min has 3 bags, 2 PD, FF & FR. In recent years, Kenny Clark has 4 bags. In the last 4 meetings, there are 3 bags, FF & French. The purpose of the minute for minutes between lines. NFC vs. TX with knock against the North and third place.

NFL MVP analysts: Mahmess, Gurly, Braes, and more

Vikings indicate: Quebec Council council completed 48 (35.9 percent) of 425 yards. The West 2 meeting with 4 TDM got 118.8 rating points. In 2 career meetings, there are 129 passways with 800 pass boards (400 games) & 1 tier against 7 TDs. In 2018, NFL leads 289 when completed. Rt Latvia Morn has achieved TD in the last 4 rounds. 2 Career Home Games, NFC North and RB Dalmow Coke, 183 screwery yards (Game 91.5) and Rush TDi. 584 screedge yards (Games 116.8) & 2 Rush TD of 5 Career Home Games * NRL leads with WR ADAM TRICKING 85 receptions. The last meeting included 131 wards and 12 catches. In the last 4 GB, 35 receivers in the 453 yard at GBP (Games 113.3) and 3TD. Targeted home with the TD. 455 re-yards (Game 91 each), 3 home TVs Last week, in 126 weeks and TD, there were 13 catches of WR Staff Digi. There are 480 records in the last five games (96 for each game) and 4 TDs. TD is intended for the fifth format between GB and V GB. His last home match (18/16/16) had 182 yards & TDs with 9 catches. * Daniel Handler has 7.5 sacks and francs on the last five. In the last meeting there were 6 tackles & sack. There are 5.5 bags, FR & PD in his last 4 home vs. NFC North. CB in the last session Saeed Roddas is the captain of the team. S Anthony Harris had two international breaks last week. – NFL communications

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