Sunday , January 29 2023

Greater Victoria of Vancouver Island gave winds of warning to Victoria


On Sunday, Environment Warning was issued on Vancouver Island, including Grand Victoria. An estimated 80 kph wind blowing kills.

Strong winds and heavy rains hit the south coast with an intense lead. Sunday night is 80 kms on Sunday night due to heavy weather. Sunday is expected to arrive Sunday evening on the west coast of Vancouver island and on Wednesday afternoon afternoon.

Environment Canada has warned that there is a strong cure for building damages. For example, the window covering the window is broken. Drug trafficking, tents, and covers will be damaged under the control of drugs. The higher the wind and the branches of the trees can be destroyed. Keeping things that can not be prevented from winding should be kept safe.

Climate and weather are held in southern gulf island and Vancouver island.

For more information, go to the Environment Canada Alerts page.

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