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Google uses Gmail to track your purchases

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Google's business relies on collecting information about its users and users, and so every opportunity gives company opportunities to gather as much data. Similarly, no one should be surprised to learn that Google uses Gmail to record things you purchase – online and offline.

Some of your Google Account's known know page (this is not precisely confidential, especially unclear) over the years. The data on the Purchases page can only be viewed by individuals, and not the ads, but the confidentiality of the track and the OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVES – Google asks that it's funny to delete the data – GMail's customers are more likely to get familiar with the privacy concerns.

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CNBCB highlighted the presence of purchase pages, not only the record of Google online purchases but also uses digital receipts to record some offline purchases. You can check what Google has recorded about your purchases by guiding your account to the Purchases page. Maybe you'll find a record of your purchase history lasting a long time.

Google stated:

To help you easily track and store your purchases, bookings, and subscriptions, we have created a personal destination that only you can see. You can delete this information at any time. We do not use the information from your Gmail messages to give you advertisements, and it also includes email receipts and confirmations shown on the purchase page.

The company is right that this information can be deleted, but you think you did it first. Deletion is a pain; There is no option to delete all, you need to work on each item instead. You will be asked to remove the collected email from Google.

There is no way to stop the information collected in this way, and Google does not disclose how much data was collected.

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