Tuesday , March 21 2023

Google Pixel 3 bug does not work


Google's latest smartphone, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL owners have been linked with their cameras in Google's Pixel Community Forum and Reddit.

Reports began in October. The problem starts when some users try to use the camera in another application, such as a social media app or a banking application, a banking application that allows you to take photos of checked deposits. Then, when they return to the main camera application in pixel 3, the camera application shows a blank screen or notifies that a notification is experiencing a "serious error" in the camera.

This is a problem, especially the Pixel 3, which has a great camera on any smartphone. Google's pixel phone cameras are one of the three pillars that make the devices so attractive. Android's "pure" version runs and gets Android updates as soon as Google released. Most Android phones can not boast of the best camera and boastful updates of a better operating system in a package.

Holly Johnson / Business Insider

Pitchche 3 users said they tried to resume and resume unconventional devices. Someone said the phone was resumed to restore the camera.

The recent Android update does not seem to have solved the problem, and some suspect some might be causing it.

Some users have been able to get the tools to replace them from Google yet. The camera does not repay the problem of recoupable devices.

When the error code was mentioned, Google said a Pixel Community Forum member declined to change the option. Indicates the software bug associated with your hardware and it will fix the issue.

In Google's Pixel Community Forum, community managers agree that Google knows about Google, some users have accepted Google's support, accepting this issue, and letting them know that a solution has been developed. Business Insider has requested a comment or tips for troubleshooting users from Google, but did not return immediately.

Google's pixel was released in October and was thrown out with bugs. Bugs that disappear photos and text messages, and apps that are in the background running in the background are also bugs.

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