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Fresh waterfoods face an uncertain future


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Writers: Andre Jane Reed, PhD Candidate, Carleton University, Steven J Cook, Canada Research Chair & Professor, Carlton University

Pacific salmon is one of the most beautiful animals in Canada. Each summer, they feed on their average 4 to 5 years of life by feeding their rich ocean, returning to streams and streams in the river. If they follow their parents' footprints, they lay eggs, die and help the next generation in Salmon.

The journey from the fresh water to the sea is often thousands of kilometers long. It would be fraudulent – to avoid fishermen to fly through the steep rivers.

Trekking has to face unusual challenges. Humans continue to make dams, rivers, overflowing waste, invading plants and animals. This is the tip of the ice in terms of the amount of fresh water in Canada and around the world.

We look for research on migrations and protection of Pacific Salmon, lakes, rivers, rivers, and water pollution. The society is in the pulse of its finger ocean, but what about our most often fresh ice?

Lakes and rivers in crisis

Only a single percent of water (0.01 per cent) of all the earth's water is generated. About ten percent of the known animals on Earth are located here. One third of all vertebrates (spine). There are more fish in the freshwater ecosystem than in the ocean.

This image will quickly change. World Wide Fund for World (WWF) recently published "Living Planet Report 2018".

The population of the country's fresh drinks has decreased by more than 80 per cent in 50 years. Meanwhile, most of the marine waters have fallen by half.

Obviously, in the last decade, bad trends are facing bad trends. But why?

Threats: Worse Dozen

Scientists know that new scientists are aware of the "flowing streams" all over the world and the survival of species like the Pacific Salmon. We know about these threats of freshwater biodiversity for at least a dozen years.

But it can change over a period of 12 years. An international team of leading freshwater scientists in the world records dozens of threats in our new studies – new and growing – freshwater species:

1. The rapidly changing climate

2. Online wildlife expansion and invasive organisms

Infectious Disease

Poisoning tumors

5. Half of the world-river rivers are dams and fragments

6. Wastes that rise like hormones

7. Nano material of engineering

Multiplex pollution

9. Light and sound interaction

Saltter coastal water due to the elevation from sea level

11. Calcium contractions under the requirements of freshwater creatures

12. The ingredients and combinations of this threat

Our team is afraid that fresh water will be ignored. These horrific threats and hurricanes are happening below the surface of water – from sight and mind.

"This is a sad and tragic tragedy," said Steve Ormorod, our clean environmental activist for Cardiff University Welder and UK, one of our team members.

We hope to change this description by carefully addressing these 12 critical threats.

Now we need action against these threats – now.

In the horizon?

There are a lot to do with this. It may seem that there are no solutions to change the orbits of fresh water. Fortunately, that's not the case, we highlight the opportunities for protection benefits.

New scientific instruments are changing to treat freshwater nutrition. For instance, the environmental DNA allows us to use a single hydrated area to detect all the fish in a drain.

There are other approaches to the use of "ecosystems" (e-flow) to deal with water, dam and water conservation under the dam. Fishes like pacific salmon foster some of the obstacles we have created.

But solutions are in progress in reviving past errors. For example, through our daily activities, we need to ask for clean drinking water and natural drinks by changing the way we treat fresh water by joining and supporting the Clean Water Lift Community and joining our governments globally. Try to keep fresh water.

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