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For the Julie Chen of the CBS Beyond the Big Brother?

In the summer of 2018, CESS chairman and CEO Les Mooneves was accused of sexual misconduct. Julie Chenn, wife of two network programs, was shocked: The FIG And The elder. But when Moons was expelled from CBAS, all eyes were on Chen and their two shows. But what about the future?

Julie Chen Julie Chen | Ron Sachs – Pool / Getty Images

Since 2004, Chen and Moon have been married

Chen and Moons are a stranger to marry – couples live together for about 15 years. The couple had married a couple of weeks after the divorce of Nancyzi Moons, his first wife, to get married. Moon Wess, Chen and a baby together, marriage was not always easy. But Chen maintains a good deal of communication with them. They said in one interview: "The battle between them – they keep good communication, and if they argue they do not defame one another.

Chandra's allegations of sexual assault are penned by Czech & # 39; The Tok & # 39;

When Mons discovered the allegations of sexual offenses, things went down in 2018. The former were sexually harassed and six women accused in the 1980s. Marriages are an important test. When Monet's departure from CBU, Chen had to rethink some career movements. She took some time The FIG She would be with her family, after that she had abandoned a good show, but before she made a statement to her husband. Chen told me on Twitter that he is always a good man. She supports him and stays behind. They repeated it again in an episode of the talk show.

Now, if I am returning to Big Brother & # 39; he will stay beside Guevara's husband

When Chen announced, she was going to leave The FIG, And some began to leave The elder Not far behind. If your husband has to resign from such situations, it is not difficult to work for the network. On November 27, Chen reached Ingrog, declaring that he would return to host the publication of the Festival. But his marriage in Moonsville does not seem to come anytime soon.

Still coming back, it is still difficult to tell where in the future of Chen's future networks

If this season is not yet decided, Chen will withdraw it. As the Instagram comments of the photo were told, the fans were happy to return that event. That may be the same as that event. However, Chen was signed last season, "I'm Julie Chen Moons Good Night," for the first time she used her married life in the air, standing on the side of her husband. When they are signed in another season, her husband gives priority to her career. She knows that after this period she will be able to hold the season or not, she can check water for things that are working on the CBAS while traveling on her husband's journey.

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