Monday , February 6 2023

Flu shot dead: Why do not you believe in myths?


We all know that swine is a mysterious thing, and many people believe in miracles and beliefs in particular. Some people do not want to get the vaccine, because they believe that they are not going to work. Some people believe that they are not needed because some are healthy. They believe that some people will get sick – more than ever. This is all myths.

Flu or influenza is caused by viruses from viral infections. Some of these may result in cold winds. With others, we talk about pandemics around the world and other lung viruses. This is an important person we are talking about.

Influenza viruses can vary without any warning, so this is not always the same. Not the same fault as you fight, but you are always fighting for a variety of viruses.

This fact depends on how scientists see. In the months that experts predict, the viruses may change, there may be new types of stress, meaning that the vaccine is not more effective than the actual planning. Last year's incident was this: 40 percent was initially effective, but finally it was reduced to 25 percent. It created many deaths and hospitals amongst children.

What are the studies?

Some experts say that these numbers are confusing and sometimes deviations to the vaccines. In good years, it is possible that 60% less likely to have a flu shot will go to the doctor.

Children are likely to die if they are injected. Unless vaccinated, the risk of adult deaths is five times higher, and pregnant women are more likely to enter the hospital when they are being vaccinated. One, protecting their children).

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