Wednesday , September 28 2022

Flashing shining towards the glow


Calgary – Not enough for five minutes and seven round shooters.

Hockey has said seven games will be used in the final of the Stanley Cup. Most of the world's membership will not reject that opportunity.

Okay, we'll be breathing first.

Why was the smile of Christmas celebrated on a big royal night on Thursday night? This is the perfect combination of speed speed, skill, and smart when facing the best netting in a game, so it takes three hours to equal.

Finally, the best team in Hockey overcame the Western hurricane. If a game appears to be more enthusiastic by conquering the 5-4 defeat of Tampa, it brings back a crowd of thrilling.

"It was one of those games that seemed to be a long time-it's good to play," said Flames Coach Bill Peters.

"Two cool ways, great gameplay, penalty killing is good, stumbling is good, good is good."

The former coach asked him loudly why the former Flamen could not respond to the tragedy. This year's bunch is the hallmark of the bull.

This flame is known for a challenge in a game called a sticky sticky in a flier team of Flies.

They defeated VincePurg by Boston and defeated three of the Nashville foes. Not only did they hang up with big dogs, they became a big dog.

This is a match they have played for 12-3-2 as they go back to Christian interval.

Dan Gerardi scored 4 minutes in the second half of the golden goldenon surrendered to five minutes.

He climbed on a lonely mountain around the globe of the globe and overcame a scam under Louis Domingue.

Joe was shouting, as John Stokes insisted Johnny to do hockey.

"I was very fast, and I got so excited when my fans got off," a lavivous Leap-Type Load Goutrew to the Glad. "There is a wonderful goal.

"We know that we can play with any team in the league that we are playing throughout the season, and of course we have a good experiment – the team is much better than the teams in the margins – we played well in both fields."

In the first phase Sam Bennett was promoted to third place with Golden / Schen Monahan. He had a great view of the drama.

"It's amazing how he comes out with a lot of goals – you want your best players, his time and time – it's always fun to watch him," Bennett said.

"It was a fun game and it would be more fun when you win." Two best-selling teams are an interesting game. "

And there is again – the new faith and belief of a Fliece team that last year did not have a point in the west of Winnipeg.

David Riddick has a lot of it. He not only kept control of 32 shots with control and overtime, but also saved from seven shooting attempts from all the glittering lights.

Brendon Point, Nickita Kucharov, Steven Stamkas, Anthony Cirelli and Taylor Johnson have been beaten and picked. Matthew Takke, James Neal, Goudraw, Elias Lindham, Noah Haniffin Mark Janakovsky.

Miller's sniper disappointment was only Shaun Monahan and Victor Hemman.

It was a five minute walk from Hockey's three full-fledged pool. Hamilman was dismissed and Dominique won seven big scores.

On February 12, the teams will meet again in Tampa. You will have to rejoin in a match.

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