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Fallout 76 & # 39; will result in Work-Action Act Against a Backup Studio

The aim of the critics and punches, which has never been released by games at Bethesda Studios, has been flawed and erroneous for years. However, the new game called Fallout 76 was not a controversy. Insulted fans are demanding a refund. Resisting Bethesda's opposition has led at least one legislation to consider class-action law.

Bethesda's "Fallout" is considered to be one of the best shooter serials, a switch strategy from fans to switch to a mass-multiplayer format called "Faulout 76". The competition was organized against the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

But although they decided to give "Fout-out 76," they tried limited gameplay and game breaking brilliance, and waves of gamers requiring full refund from Bethesda. The Bethesda refund policy specifies that players will not receive refunds after downloading the game. Some players reported their refunds after contacting the support team.

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Requests to refund players from rickshaw players who have been successfully posted by a refund in Reddit. Bethesda eventually shifted to its refund policy, but the company's business processes have been largely ignored.

In a special case, the bundle had not paid a bid of 200 dollars to the company's Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition. The special edition package had to absorb the West Tech canvas bag, and Bethesda replaced a cheaper nylon bag. A customer who inquired to a support employee decided to change the bag due to lack of cylinder, and did not make any plans to solve this problem.

Following the reply, Bethesda made a follow-up statement and purchased the currency of $ 5 currency for special editions.

Washington, DC Bethesda's refund policy and plans to investigate the "Power Armor Edition" ads to determine whether a legitimate company-based law firm, Migliazza R. LLP, deserves a work-action law that claims fraudulent trading practices. The company asks dissatisfied players in the preparation of a strong work-action law If they get a refund or use a "nylon bag" with a "Power Cover Edition", submit a questionnaire.

The outlook for "Fallout 76" is already intensifying since it's released twice, but Bethesda needs to work to ensure that future games are not affected by negative feedback. Next month, Fallout 76 has been making improvements. More transparency was pursued.

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