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Executive says Pfizer / Biotech Covid-19 vaccine will be shipped to Canada within 24 hours of approval


Pfizer and Biotech’s Kovid-19 vaccine are in a good position to be approved in Canada soon – and then it could be delivered to the country much sooner, the biotech executive said.

“If I use the UK as an example, we get permission at 1am. We agree [the] The vaccine has been released and shipped within 24 hours, ”said Sean Marrett, Chief Commercial Officer, Biotech, Germany, in collaboration with US-based Pfizer to develop one of the world’s most promising Kovid-19 vaccine candidates.

“From our discussions, Canada has a good position to approve the vaccine immediately,” Marrett told CBC Chief Political Correspondent Rosemary Barton on Sunday.

The recently greened Pfizer / Biotech product in the UK for emergency use will be approved by Health Canada this coming week. Health regulators are currently reviewing three other vaccines manufactured by Modena, AstraZeneca and Jansen.

“After approval, we release the vaccine and ship it. We have already made the vaccine and the doses reserved for Canada, ”said Marret Rosemary Barton Live.

Regulatory approval is an important step before implementing the detailed information of the federal government’s rollout plan.

Earlier this week, Procurement Minister Anita Anand told CBC’s Vasi Kapalos that they were in talks for more accurate delivery dates that Health Canada had not approved. “That’s why we set up logistics systems so that time is not wasted on approval and delivery to provinces and territories.”

‘Biological equivalent of moon landing’

Marette described the distribution plan for the wax as “biologically equivalent to a lunar landing.”

“You have to get everything accurate, which of course includes times,” Marrett said when asked about the exact delivery dates. “It simply came to our notice then [for] A few days. But so far, from our experience with the United Kingdom as a country, we have seen that things are moving very smoothly. “

Anand FedEx Express on Friday announced an agreement with Canada to support the export of most vaccines across the country.

However, the Pfizer / Biotech candidate will be handed over directly to the pharmaceutical company as the product needs to be stored at around -70C to remain stable. Ottawa says it has already secured enough freezers to store 33.5 million units of the vaccine.

At sub-zero temperatures, Marrett said, products and transportation products are a “well-mapped” process.

“With Pfizer, we have designed a storage box … it comes with the vaccine. You can use it as a -70 freezer. You can open the box twice a day and vaccinate again as long as you have ice. It’s up to 15 days,” he explained.

Biotech executive Sean Marette says his company’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate will be packaged in special freezer boxes and shipped directly to immunization centers around the world. (Dado Ruvik / Reuters)

Distribution dry runs are expected in the provinces on Monday

Canada has signed an agreement with Pfizer and Biotech to pre-order 20 million doses of the vaccine, with the option to purchase an additional 56 million in the coming months. Pfizer says the shots are 95 percent effective based on third-stage clinical trial results.

Marette said his company was totally stunned by the findings, given that the vaccine had been developed over the years and months.

“Ninety-five percent effectiveness as defined for you [COVID-19] Whether there are symptoms or not … is a shocking result in our view, “he said.

If all goes well, public health officials say six million doses of biofilm / biotech and modern vaccines will arrive in Canada in the first three months of 2021. Both vaccines must be given twice, that is, three million Canadians get a job first.

See | Canadian officials train for vaccine distribution:

Major General Danny Fortin told reporters. 1:55

Major-General. Former NATO commander Danny Fortin said each province has identified specific sites where shots can be received.

Fortin said dry runs will be conducted in each province on Monday to ensure that those involved in the rollout process are prepared to handle the “very special needs” of the ultra-cold vaccine.

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