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Even if it is late, union building is another milestone in the new food hall


Passengers traveling through Union Union will have a new experience in the New York Consortium.

It is an important landmark of the railway station. A considerable plan beyond the budget of the project and beyond the budget. The cost of building expenses increased from $ 640 million to $ 823 million.

"We have worked hard to get a unique retail experience, representing the best performance in Toronto," said Vanessa McDonald.

The bottom floor of the plant will add up to 25,000 square feet of new space. The Food Hall opened in the restaurant hall, Bangkok Bangkok, Loaded Piraei, McDonald's, Paramount Fine Foods, Pizza Pisa, Rhydys, Skysshai, Shanghai 800, Sushi Shop and Tim Horton.

"These trends are more applicable to more temporary temperatures," says Monte, co-producer of Bankon Burri.

"I am eager to finally get that position [eateries] Their game has been upgraded, "Van added.

The city's inhabitants say that the experience of more than 300,000 people traveling through Union Station every day was an important goal of the restoration project.

"It's a wonderful way to get more services," said Phil Wellster, Metrolorns CEO. The local transit agency is buses and buses running directly from the union every day.

Guidance given to the upgraded station gives: Where does Toronto go? Ultimately, the planned society was expected to create a society.

"The next new market space is very similar to the St. Lawrence market – you have got a free credit retailer," she added.

Due to the construction delays, there is no timeline when you open that space.

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The big project was originally completed in Pan Games for 2015. It's a year-long delay and a budgetary increase.

With the completion of the modified date in 2019, the city's contractor Bondfield told the Construction.

In a statement, it said that the progress of the city was disappointing and disappointing.

"The Union Station Reivatalization Project, along with many other Bondfield construction projects, has had considerable delays in recent months."

Projects have a similar delay in Thunder Bay and Cambridge.

Bondfield Construction was not responding to an interview with CBC Toronto.

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The City Staff has begun a debate with the contract and Zürich insurance companies.

Staff said that they are discussing with the two companies about ways to complete the project in 2019. "This council is active in the hall and to ensure all future options are evaluated".

If the new timeline is pressed for details, city officials do not comment, but the goal of completion is 2019. An updated schedule will be provided as soon as "available."

Despite delay, city officials have made significant progress in the entire project. In addition to the VIA Rail Rail Launch and Cycle Parking Stations, the York Concon is now completed.

The new Bu Konoras, the VA for establishing glass glass lids on the outskirts of the station. Conversion of passengers arrives, and the functionality is now shifting to the Great Hall Reinstatement.

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