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Eric Carlson returns to the game with his old team

On Friday afternoon, Eric Carlsen walked up into the room and wearing a broad smile.

"The time is near," she laughs.

On Saturday, he will captain the Ottawa Senator Ship for four seasons and will return to the Canadian Tier Center. It was his first visit since the launch of San Jose Sharks in September.

This is a 5-3 loss to Toronto Mappal Leafs on the road. Carlsen and Sharks returned after a game. At noon Thursday afternoon, at the Minto Sports Complex in Ottawa University.

San Jose Shark Eric Carlsson thought about dozens of fans in the Canadian Tire Center at Otago Sports University before taking the initiative against his old team, Otto Senators. He got out of the bus and raised his jacket over his head.

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"We got yesterday, it's normal," he said. "I was at home, and we were scared here, if we were skating in CTC, it would be a bit different.

"It was a bit calm, a bit worried, obviously it's a bit different, and I slept at home.

Of course, he was the last player to play ice cream on 2-10 PM. The remaining Sharq players pulled wood to welcome his old home.

Karlsson found a large local media to see what was talking about going to his former colleagues. He welcomes a miracle sold by senator fans.

San Jose Shark Eric Karlsson has been trained at the Ottawa Senators at the Ottawa Athletic University for the first time at the Canadian Tier Center.

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"We all knew this time, and we're going to sit here," said Carlson. "I'm going to sit here, that's all we're going to do, and then I'm going to be calm because we're not going to return for another year.

"Right now I am going to enjoy this moment, whether it's shut down or I'm not sure I'm not sure."

When asked whether he had any regret, Carlson said: "Nothing, I had a great time here, I came here as a little boy and spent all my old life here, and now I've created the people here.

"I liked it and I have got a good time, and when I look back, I'm going to change, they've created me today, and I thank you for that."

Daniel Alfredsson has been in close contact with Detroit Red Wings and Carlson as he returns to Ottawa in 2013. After he got in touch with the media, he moved to Rockefiff Homes in Alfredzone to go with his family.

"When he came, I was here, it's a different situation, and he's been working on another stage of his life," said Carlson. "It helped me a little bit longer from his point of view and how he handled things that probably helped me.

"I was young at that time, and I did not remember half of that, I thought it was a very special moment, and now I'm going to meet him, so he'll be back."

When Carlsen decided to intervene in September, they are going to rebuild their business in the past season. He offered eight years to eight years 88 million. Senators had very few responses from the camp.

San Jose Shark Eric Karlsson was trained at the Ottawa Auditorium in Oregon Athletic University prior to his first match against the Canadian Tier Center. Photo by Wayne Cuddington / Postmedia

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Many believe that Carlsson wanted to start a new start.

"I can not compare it, so it's hard to say, it's as good as possible," said Carlson. "We have a big team and everyone has managed me well, trying to make it easier for me.

"At the same time, I try to concentrate on my hockey as much as it does, and it's going to make it easier and easier, like travel and lifestyle, and it's going to make it easier and easier now." The next chapter of my life and the experience I am going to enjoy is a joy to me. "

Carlsen's move in September was not an easy decision for the organization, but it was time for the club to sign it.

It is not easy to change the landscape for Calzan. He struggled within the first 15 matches of San Jose Uniform. The number of people waiting for the team is close by. He turns into his whole style.

San Jose Shark Eric Carlson (R.), with Barclay Goodro, chimped in at the Canadian Tire Center at Kattappana, learned his first game at the Ottawa Athletic University against Ottawa Senators in his old team.

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Other Captain Mark Stone believes that Carlsson might be an easy day.

"If Eric is the best player, if not the best one, he plays here," said after the club's Skate. "For him, he's going to be very emotional and he's a very emotional guy, you're playing for five years and you're getting very fast.

"It's different from him, I think everyone is encouraged to come but they are excited to get it."

Yes, Saturday is going through a flash.

"Finally, two teams play, he is no longer our team," said Stone. "(Carlsson), it would be much bigger than we are."

Karlsson said he was not sure how he would respond to the crowd.

"I come from one of the things that happens, I know that it's there and what's going to happen at the moment," said Carlson. "I'm going to enjoy it and enjoy it. I have no big memories there, and I'm waiting for more.

"Tomorrow afternoon will be another of those big memories."

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