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Egyptian actress has been accused of dressing herself


Hamsa Hendivi, The Associated Press

Monday, December 3, 2018 9:12 AM EST

Cairo: An Egyptian actress accused of publicly prosecuting pornography

Rana Yousaf has posted on Facebook to show how people responded to the inaugural ceremony at the Cairo International Film Festival, posted on Facebook.

In choosing clothes, she has been referencing fashion designers, and may have influenced the theater and standards of the International Film Festival.

"I want my commitment to repeat my commitment to the values ​​and morals that we have raised in the Egyptian society," he said.

Yusuf's photographs were widely shared on social media. A group of advocates asked to file a complaint with the Chief Prosecutor. There may be months or more complaints before taking any action. Therefore, the need to calm the criminals immediately demonstrates.

Yousuf will be produced before the court on January 12.

Recently, President Abdel-Fatta LCC led the president. This is perhaps the most recent example of the establishment of Islamic consolidation in the Muslim majority in 2013 in Egypt. Independent President Mohamed Mursi is freely elected.

In 2014, the LCC, which is entrusted with the power of thousands of Islamists and many secular and democratic protesters, won the 29-year rule of dictator Hosni Mubarak while winning a popular uprising in 2011.

While the LCC government is raising an increasingly deeper opposition to political Islam, it ultimately shows tolerance towards Muslims. Salamis regularly practiced non-violent transformation in Egypt as a community that conformed to Islamic Islamic law in the early 7th century.

El Cc is known as a monitored spokesman for Muslims. He regularly talks through lectures. The literary demagogues call the highest religious sects in the country to reconsider Islamic lectures for avoiding hatred or violence. In June 2014, LCC said in a TV interview before the election: "I take responsibility for the values, morality, principles and religion of the nation."

Egyptian actress's Guild In the meantime, in the opening ceremony of the weekend ceremony, the actress was dressed in an "inappropriate dress" for the investigation and discipline. They are "the traditions, values ​​and values ​​of society."

"We are totally keen on the private freedom of the artists, but we appeal to everyone who take responsibility for their artistic value, and treat them as model models," the statement says. "It must force them to reduce commitment to the general values ​​of the public."

Yusuf's dress and her upcoming trial dominated social media in the weekend, making several first editions of Sunday's newspapers a subject of several edits.

Some social media have prompted religion to deny the "defamation" of naked truth. Others criticized the practice of seeing the biological system as a moralist. Some of the issues that make the most stress in society, homelessness, corruption and sexual abuse

"A nation is scattered by a dress in a festive fashion, but millions of children who are stunted by the trash and drugs in the garbage bin," said Kollead Mojessar tweeting.

Editor-in-person Imad Hussain of Al-Shorouk, a free and respectful daily, said that Yusuf should wear clothes that he likes in his philosophy, but that he is "like a swim" and said she was "really wrong".

"There is a law that enables the law to injure the public, but there is more importance and social values ​​to be respected," he said on Sunday.

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