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Edmundan Police Dismiss Officer, who has been harassing colleagues

Ferrana Moft in 2004


Ehuman's policeman was arrested by a police officer who was harassing a colleague.

Constanta. After 22 years, Edmonton withdrew from the police. The announcement was made in a statement issued on November 28 of the RCMP Supply. Fred Comines, who has been conducting months of disciplinary visits,

"EPS is now in progress through human resources," spokesman Shear Wurdenhough said.

The Edmonton Police Association (EPA) opposed the decision and examines its options.

He called the behavior of Mons Mafata "nothing short of".

"I have found that this issue is particularly folly," he wrote. "The nine month long bargaining process, contrary to the police service policy, the deliberate harassment of co-workers, the social interactions of the acceptable workers."

He writes that Mafreat's decision to cheat the investigators during the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) investigation.

"If this is the only misunderstanding," he realized that, and after taking a complaint of harassment, she took the first responsibility, and she may have believed that she would be able to survive the wrong move. Rehabilitation was possible and appropriate. That was not her chosen response. "

"She broke up her reputation for society and the police," he said. "She broke the police's general dream."

Moffat allegedly accused a civilian colleague Roman Fleisc-Brezhinsky. 911 call cooperative policemen at the police communications branch.

Phek-Brzezinski acts as a former sister of the police chief Chevy Brevisinsky. She said she had not spoken to herself a year later and that she had left the police in 2016.

Flek-Brzezinski worked for 11 years civilian 911 operators in the branch.

Initially, it was a multi-functional labor situation. When mobilized in 2013, there were no conflicts between the two who had heard the first hearing. However, one of the four constables, including mouftet, was caught by Fiek-Brzeńsky immediately. By the way, Mufft would have turned around. She thought she had a set effort to keep her and other civilian colleagues away.

Moffat began to hear a "B" for her, calling her a "C" behind. At one point, there was a heated argument on a set of interior window blindants. On Sunday morning, an incident happened to feed me. Mosfried and many other officials criticized McDonald's Takeout.

Geoffrey Moffa said, when he was trying to cut off Fleck Bracescu, when he heard news that he was engaging in rumors that Moffat was involved with a colleague.

A mail from 2014 was checked and tested. In which the MoFat expressed a Facebook post about Felc Brasinski, referring to scam referring to the scam agency.

"Wtf !!!" Moffat wrote, "I walked there and penetrated my throat."

Flek-Bresniski filed a complaint on January 5, 2015.

"That was really tough," she said. "Suddenly I turned to this great work that I loved, and that was really a poison, and I did not want to work because I did not know what was going to happen."

At first, Mohammad was accused of a scam of confessions and conducting a police denunciations. Later, she later mentioned that she had been betrayed for 11 times in the replies she wrote to PSB about her feelings about Fleck-Brzezinsky.

Mosheth ultimately made accusations of violent behavior and twofold fraud. Three fraudulent crimes have found a crime in the name of pornography.

Focus on whether police are authorized to give evidence in court proceedings – can remain in the job after being convinced of the fraud.

Kamens wrote that he received hundreds of years of complaining about his members and complaints, and sent a "unassailable message to the Professional Standard Branch".

Although Mofat admitted guilty in some crimes, she was struck only in the poem "Rubber Wall", which proved to be "fabricated in a professional standard standard branch".

Postmodernism came with Moffat and an advocate. But, Press Time did not say. Lawyer Pat Nagant said Moffat had no principal disciplinary procedure and that he did not survive his benefit as a police officer.

As in other contexts, where the officers continue to work, he argued that behavior was her virtue.

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