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Early Report: Joseph Benavides told Henri Sejudo: "Division must do what is right," 135 pounds crown


TJ Dilshaw, Henry Seijo of the UFC Brooklyn, said that the war was more than just a war and that it saved the entire Frivatical partition from threat. But after hitting Dillas in the controversial 32 hours, Sejoodo immediately suggested recall Dill for a penny of 135 pounds. For fighters like Joseph Benayas, it does not protect the flyweight division. It is being brought back to the bloated block.

Speaking at FloCombat recently, Benadawyd's vocabulary on Sejudo will help him to get together and protect the flueweight division, actually go around and defend his belt.

"I'm about respect, never let me go than calling people," Benawads said. "When I call someone, I will stay forever and I do not have time to talk to Henry [our fight] I do not know if people know me and Henry are enemies. & # 39; The Ultimate Fighter & # 39; When we coach, we have said a lot. But if you keep that watch after that fight, I will give you Henry on one side. When we stop each other for 15 minutes, we will not stop.

"After that, I respect him very much. We are not going to go bowling, we suhrttukkalalla, but I respect him. Now, you and me fighting for a title, but you will see thousands of kids dream of being a world champion Frio vaivairr us the opportunity to put forward, this division is now available in And adore. "

Benjeed and Sejudo The Framer Fighter fought at one of the finals of 24. That was the last time Sejdo lost. Benavides, who defeated Dustin Ortis, will be next for a title fight, if the sejudo travels around the flyweight. Perhaps if you are a soft chammer smashing the man who just perished in 32 seconds, it is very much softening, but the Benavads split Seijudo and try to do it properly. His former coach partner Dillashaw is also going to fall in the shadow, and his positions will come back after he returns to the Sjudo's remnant, so Sejudo TJ. One.

"He is TJ but you will know it twice – is it a controversial or not – think twice to give you a comeback?" Benawads said. He does not have to think about division, he already wants to call him a featherweight title.

"He does not give you a vacation, he does not give you a shot, he does not respect you in the past, he does what he does, but he has acted like he did, and he did not get to think again, because he missed it in 32 seconds because he would never be, It's OK for partitioning The thing to do. "

Of course, it's hard to divide Benady's own interest. The first-ranked flyweight claimant is as close to as possible to get a crown without actually doing so, while Demetri Johnson lost the decision to divide when they fought for the opening belt. KA, who had defeated Jonson in his match, lost "the part" without any collapse of Benedidus Belt. When Jonson now departed from the UFC, Benavads had to wait long to enjoy a final shot, as Seijoo's roof succeeded, and he felt like the Belvids won the title. Benjawas says Ségudo is one of his words

"I gave him 15 minutes in hell and he knows he's going to come after him," Benawads said. "It's about 25 minutes, I do not think he's afraid, but I know he's mocking me, he's a fight and someone else has nothing to lose because he's dumped in 32 seconds, and this is an opportunity to do what he's saying.

"If he believes in it, but if you do not believe it, then this is the only way to keep it going.

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Does anyone doubt that he claims to be the best MMA?

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These ages have been said before, that I was faster than I thought. Winners of multiple divisions are winners, but within 15 years, the expanding title is significantly less remarkable than the one to rule together. Many people end up as charm chattel. No one is going to challenge DJ's successful strike. The person who does so would be more combatants in their home town than the vast majority.

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