Friday , June 9 2023

DxOMark finally carries the camera camera in the camera itself


DXOMark will test and scan self-coffee selfie cameras in smartphone reviews.

By adding new analytics and context, the French Sensor Testing Company's new analysis suggests that smartphones can be the best score based on how the smartphones use the user. These scores will be published along with scores for key parallel cameras on the main Docax.

This is important for a variety of reasons, but because it is rare in this test, it is almost uncommon for objective review sites. Most cellphones are behind the main cameras of smartphones, which are often excluded from testing. By adding a test protocol for Selphie's camera, DxOMark includes all imaging sensors using smartphones – and disappointing readers while shooting their phone's front camera.

With a new convention rather than scoring mobile photography, a selfie photo score is built on a large data collection consisting of object-oriented data, using inspection charts and visuals. In addition, 45 test scenes are used to analyze selfie cameras, and selfie cameras to select a standard for scrutiny. It will take up to two weeks before the test begins, without having a full list of tests and scores. It has over 1,500 pictures, two hours of video shorts in two meta scores (stylus, video).

New tests developed for the protocol were combined with a boch chart, sound, detailed analysis, realistic manecavines for realization, and an HDR portrait setup. These tests will give you a little more chance to the common functions for a self cameras. However, it is not clear whether the features like the Night site can be scotched – we know the new camera features will not always be experimental.

DxOMark A selfie camera score of DxOMark is on the model

The image quality of the image is very difficult after reaching the camera by checking the latest features in the DCC's intended atmosphere. The new testing protocol takes into account this. For example, some of the most popular handsome models have changed the quality of the film, but not the same from the territories. DxOMark checks it using representative models and managers to ensure good results. In addition, we are reviewing beautifully designed devices to diversify and ensure a wide cross-section of samples.

After similar conventions, the main camera and selfie camera are different, and the two tests are different from each other. However, we make no attempt to make any goal with salt grain anywhere. I say this is easy to read It's very difficult to create a system to meet customer needs. As a designer Android Authority Scoring aimed scrutiny for smartphone cameras, I can tell you there's no universal use case of any kind of imaging products, so all along the same matrix is ​​scrolling reliable and hairy.

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