Thursday , June 8 2023

Driverless cars are now allowed on North roads


Continuous cars are now allowed on the Toron – North roads.

Transport Minister Jeff Urak on January 1 will take part in the Automated Vehicle Pilot Program of Ootte and try Driverless Cars through public roadways.

Nine participated, including Blackberry QNX, Magna, Uber, Waterloo University. Currently, 10 vehicles are being tested.

Ureki announced that public drivers will be able to run "level 3" for "driver" automotive vehicles that control the driving activities against security. But the driver is ready to take control of the car all the time.

The Conservative government says that there is not yet a single vehicle for sale in Canada, but once they are available, they will be allowed on Ontario roads.

The previous Liberal Government proposed these changes in the past year.

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