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Do not reduce the price of the filling rig count

Oil bags

Baker Hughes said that in the United States, oil and gas have 3 trillion dirhams. The number of active oil and gas pipelines is now 1,076. According to the report, the number of oils reached 887 of 2, and gas gases was reduced by 189.

Oil and Gas RIA are now 147 percent increase. It has 138 oils and oils.

The price of crude oil declined Friday. Oil was the worst month for November. OPEC oil was forced to reduce oil production from November six to seven. .

White barrier was a weekly barrel slide for 4 dollars a week. Fuel prices fell by 0.35 per cent to USD 51.27 a barrel. Brent crude was down 0.45% (-0.27 dollars) to $ 59.64 a barrel, a drop of 4 dollars per barrel.

Canada's oil and gas stocks dropped by 5 beer this week to 7 per cent last week. This was the 199-fold loss of 23 less than the previous number. Take oil cargo and gas carrier for a week.

The average annual US manufacturing output for the week ended November 23 was 11.7 million barrels. For the third consecutive week, the United States has the highest output.

According to figures released by the White Label Financial Corporation, the declining value of 0.51 per cent dipped to $ 51.23 a barrel. The Brent crude price was down 0.52 percent to $ 59.60 a barrel.

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