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Dan Fumano: After complaints, they say that the model has changed

An industrial company is trying to change the way they do business. This week a representative told her questions about the purchase of old appliances.

This week, dozens of residents have been able to share painful stories at the councils of Residents' Council to consider Vancouver City Council for measures to protect tenants from "reexamination" and "unacceptable purchasing".

The city requires strict legislation and improved execution, including a sequestration of zero-cut and rented items.

BCCC in Vancouver Council It is for representatives of companies including Coltrick Properties and VSRentels, which are able to evict immigrants. They have already realized that they are more difficult.

On Tuesday night, Culey Valerie Fernina began working with his 23-unit kitsin or apartment Mano U and settled a coltrick-related company in September and began to pay immigrants. Green Council. Fryna's questions asked Pet Fry, surprised at all the recent complaints about Coltric and VS that Phineas's construction was not even in the radar.

"I'm in the list of reports I received from VS-Slash-Coltrick," Fry said. "It's not even on my list."

Since September, Firina's new landowners have offered three offers for rent. "Offer bonus", $ 3,000 for rent, three months, $ 500, $ 500, security deposit, $ 5,000 for a three-month rental, before describing what is offered: "We're glad to inform all tenants, and we're going to help you in this transition, we've created a new offer." , A reference letter.

The property manager Farina said she was ready to remove the reconstruction activities and she would be able to come back. She was asked to allow a new tenant to buy money. .

"Focusing on their attention is in promoting people into buying," says Farin. "It is this true push that constitutes this constant argument for us to leave."

But the postmaster news was linked to VSRentures on Wednesday, while Vice President Christopher R. K. Ivanus Farin and other immigrants know how to reproduce them or come back later.

On the post-day day, along with Fernina, the message was delivered: "Wow, it's not just what we say. Until this time, we're nothing else: "You've gone or sooner or later."

When owners say that the area is often needed to rebuild the area of ​​residence where the resident is residing, the tenants say the landlords are a tool for the landlords to expel and rent long-term buyers to maximize profits. Recently Vancouver staffs have been suggested in the recent memo. The evacuation of this kind of blankets often follows new owners who buy a new building.

"In recent years, significant increases in marketed revenues will result in significant returns on the turnover of the universe and can also pay lower residences for new hires to find new immigrants." From Dan Garrison, Vancouver Assistant Director Housing Policy and Regulation, BC, addresses the Government Housing Task Force.

"We often hear these cases when a pet owner sells to a new owner, and long-term property holders maintain regular stable tunnels, and new owners may look at the turnover of new ways to increase revenue in new investments."

Mano Yo, a 90-year-old man who was listed for sale earlier this year, has spent $ 170,000 to 175,000 Elevator and other "miscellaneous" operating costs, after reducing costs such as repairs, repairs, properties, insurance and utilities.

Sellers have also paid attention: "The roof and plastics have already been made to reduce the demand for capital."

Evans Needless to say, the operating expenses listed in the sales brochure do not include mortgage funding expenses. However, other items listed in the Evans Seller Brochure, such as those that have been transferred to property, roof and plumbing, are not disputed. In fact, the agent is now interested in the agent named Manuu Yuva brochure Terence Harding.

On Wednesday, the listing agent for sale, confirmed harding, was one of two directors of 1875 Uva StreetNomini Limited. The company purchased a $ 10.5 million asset on September 17, $ 1.5 million for the 12% breach of Brochures list. Another director of the company is the director of the Sommimir Dürk Költric Properties.

The property acquisition is Colette, its "sister company" VS Rentals, a property management company and is part of a network of companies that have recently acquired all the rental facilities in Metro Wanowou.

Buying a part of the company's business model as a ManoU, buy under-performing "buildings, improve them, rent a new tenant for rentals," Evans arrives at a very hard time.

"Our whole model is changing, it's very hard," he said. "the reason, All the media is guessing, and most of the immigrants are not ready to leave. "

"I'm not feeling well about what I do," said Ivan. "We are community members, we know what's going on."

Landlord BC CEO David Hurricane represents the renting housing industry. He said: "I do not know personally in companies or principals, so I can not talk about their interventions in the industry, I'm not supporting Land Reform BC" Reconstructions. "That certainly is not the best in industry … In most cases the landlord, reproduction and repairs The landowners who take this step are unnecessary to the taxpayers and are widespread in the industry. "

Immigrants forced their eviction notices to evict tenants in a building owned by VS Rentals in the West End. Last week, an eviction notice was issued from the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Evans responded by saying, "How many riches are there?"

But the town. The complaint is received from a Dozen Metro Wankauer building owned by the company.

Fry, who introduced a resolution earlier this month, will create an office of an attorney at Vancouver City.

"No one should dare to make money, we should be reasonable and exploited," Fry said. Reconstruction activities seem to be useful in Vancouver, Fry said: "That day will end forever, because we will start to see a new direction from the city council.

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