Thursday , November 26 2020

Corbin is trying to challenge the Universal title on WWE Super Showdown

Baron Curbin was in the first place in the Universal Championship.

In the Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, Kobe, Miss Mi, Bobby Lashli and Brown Storman beat Seth Rolins' Universal Crown.

Corporal declares the successor to four deadly trumpets that have been declared a wasteland match. Lashli and Stroman sprouted the crowd and behind.

Lashlily, the spolons have already been confirmed from the super shadow.

Mrs. Lashli, St Stromman, EJ Styles were present in the first match. But styled changes and the Corbin styles changed. Today in a backstage segment, the Curbin styles were attacked.

Brock Lesnar still has a break in the money-in bank. He has publicly advertised for the Super Showdown but has not yet announced a match.

The WWE 10th contract with the Saudi General Sports Authority is the third show in the 10th contract. On June 7, King Abdullah will broadcast live on the ongoing WWI network at Sports City Stadium in Jeddah.

Here is an updated card about the event:

  • Godberg vs. Undertaker
  • Triple H vs. Randy Orton
  • Universal Champion Salvation Ralls against Baron Corey
  • WWE champion Coffee Kingston against the Dolphin Sigler
  • Roman Empire, and Shane McMahon
  • Brown Stromman and Bobby Lashley
  • Intergrante Champion Finny Ballor (his Demon character) defends Andrew
  • The 50-year-old royal king

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