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Copa Libertadoras turns to the last after the Boca bus invasion


Louis Anders Heno, Deborah Ray, The Associated Press

Published on Sunday, November 25, 2018 8:00 AM EST

Last updated Sunday, November 25, 2018 8:14 AM EST

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Argentina had hoped for the quarter-finals of their biggest club and all-time rivals. Instead, one of the biggest problems in South American football history was witness to the world.

Boca Juniors' players were injured. Kopa Libertotores finished Sunday in the final.

Confederate president Alejandro Domingue's decision was finalized 10 minutes before the final.

"A team did not want to play, no one wanted to win this situation," said Dominguez.

Bosses were injured in their bus. A few blocks from the Mumoumeral de Nuns Stadium rushed into the river.

Some players also suffered tear gas and pepper spray, used by the police for the attack.

Boca's captain Pablo Perez and Counselor Lamardo were brought to nearby hospitals. Perez had wounds on his hands and eyes as he shared Boca's locker room pictures on social media. LamarDok is breathing because of gas.

Boca suffered a superficial skin injury to the players. Earlier, Kambel had said that two have not confirmed their eyesight.

"We believe that there is no reason to suspend this match on medical grounds," said doctors from the South American football body.

Dominus refused.

"It's football, not a fight, it's not the team to play, because this competition is unnatural," he said.

The White House announced the directors of the Dominists Club and FIFA President Genius Infanta.

"There was a gentleman's deal with two clubs," said Dominguez. "A request to two clubs was suspended."

This game is called "The Final of All Time" because the two strongest opponents of the first time in South Korea climbed to the final of the club's best ever.

CONMEBOL eliminated the kickoff delay of the second lecto for an hour and then extended it up to 2 hours and 15 minutes behind at 7:15. Local Time (2215 GMT).

After the match suspended, the fans clashed outside the stadium. Local media reported that at least 30 people have been arrested.

Over 66,000 women tried to cross the river. Riverfoo's television interview was interrupted by President Rodolfo D. Onofrio.

"We want to play a match for our head," he said. He runs in the dilemma of Mumulant de Nunes. "This kind of divisive party has prevented 15 terrorists from stopping us from playing a game where we see the whole world."

He also said that there should be a "necessary obstacle" to safely transport the Boca Bus stadium.

Buenos Aires Public Security Secretary Marcelo Alessandro said.

When Boca's brother Daniel Allissy was stabbed into the stadium with security guards and security guards, the fans were "the watch" of the river!

We have to beat the players in the pitch, but we do not have the same conditions to play, "said Angelica." As a Argentina and a football executive, I was shocked … look at the exhibition we gave to the world. "

Copa Libertadores finalized the first cup of 2-2, three weeks before the final. The Boca's La Bombonera stadium began to rain on the ground due to floods. Boca fans were not allowed in the river stadium after banning the supporters of the Argentine Football Association's 2013 Olympic football aggression. That is not enough. The game seems to be unstable for the Bocha Vs River.

Pablo Vendène, a jumpy fan, walked out of the stadium with Federer and Luke staring his children wearing white shirts of Red Dicholon band, "danger and security trouble."

"We all are waiting for this final as everyone else in the world."

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