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Cones night: the signs of the gallery


Young people, they say, are going to wastage at a young age.

That may be true, but that is certainly not true when your first goal was used at the National Hockey League

When his first team in the National Football League demanded a goal against the Kings, the Admitted Guild had not beaten him physically.

For Gaudette, this is his twentieth game this season, his career of 25.

He gained at every level.

He was in the NHL, until Saturday night.

Yes, Saturday night admitted that the scam was not caught.

"It's a little stress, you're trying to keep thinking about it, but now it's a great relief," he said.

Where is the pig?

"It's used at home mantel," he said.

About the purpose

"Great player of Gold and Jack," said Gwadard, who broke the two whales and climbed into the mountains and climbed into the mountains.

Sadanandan heard a voice after he slid the slot.

He said he did not know what the call was being called and that he was an eye opener.

"I turned and looked at it, usually a loose pig was a good thing, and I wanted to get a quick shot."

But he listened to the message.

"He called me loudly, and easy to play."

"I know when he comes next to me."

Sometimes the players are very fast, but it slowly moves slowly. At this moment, Gautet and Vierthan joined, and quickly developed.

"It seems to have happened very quickly, it really did not work," Gueut said.

Naturally, everything was naturally expressed by Verdunen.

After being pushed out of the pump at Goldbin, "I do not know what happened to me, but I remember someone's skate hit."

In a few moments it was behind the net.

Friend's friend Sutneen.

"I told him I was going to take him for a month," he said. "It's really good for what's happening, you know that you always get their first goal of a player and that's part of it."

While celebrating the Gautet with the other three companions, including masking the mask, Vertaneen worked without pushing the net.

"It did not want to come out, it was buried behind it," he said. He promised to come and refresh for help, but this would be his job.

His team members were interesting at the bench.

"That was fun, and all boys were pumped on the bench," Antonus Roose said.

Now this monkey is expected to be back in monkeys.

"Wait with a little bit of tension waiting there," he said about going to play.

Preethan vs. Fanf

Heavy snowfall at night. The score was 20:17, followed by Marcus Granland. (Excitation!)

Playing games were very important in all the games.

In the first season, King Deepsemonman Dion Fanoff was hacked.

"Earlier in the night, I said that I would be my night and he beat me so hard," said Shantan.

Vancouver Canucks & # 39; Jack Virtanen, Right, Los Angelus Kings & # 39; Dianne Phaneuf checks the NHL hockey game early on, Saturday, November 24, Los Angeles.

By JAY C. Hang out /


"I said it was a weak victory and would be more difficult the next time I stood up."

The expert grinned.

"We always have good wars and it was fun to play against him."

A key kills the kill

Kings XI defeated James Markström and Michael Del Sol.

Markström said, they were not aimed at, because they did so.

"You allowed it to go, it almost goes on every year," he said.

Otherwise he saw that he was dragging him to pieces. The team finally won and found a way to win.

The penalty for the team will be an emotional partnership for a group that faces serious competition.

"Our killers feel hot," said Travis Green.

He was happy to close the game on a big note.

Pettersson has patterned the conclusion

Elias Pietersen said that Dion's Phoenix pick cross crossed by ice. He played the racing game of King's Gloria Kali Petersen, both in full and pink reading.

He spoke of the low and the harsh place where he wanted to endure.

It made it happen soon. He hopes that Pietersen will be able to present his presence.

"I felt quite unexpected from Lakshmi Crease," he said. "I'm trying to keep padding across."

"I have never been a goal, but if you have hurt my own team, I hope to get out of the box," he said.

King Koch Willie Dejardins said that the decision to make a bad decision.

"Hey, Dion knows it," he told LA Russell's Insider's John Russan. "It's a bit tough, and I think our support is just a long way and if you get some support – it does not allow more time."

Good game management

Do you fly What good opportunities did the kings have?

Cank game played well. I would give you more money from the front.

Shot map confirms this as:

There are shots on the right, but from places where they are easy to escape.

The toilet was better placed before the opponents.

While trying to shoot, the kings left in an effort. But in front of the kanakukkalukku stood in front of the hands. Kings XI won in the third and third place respectively. But Jeff Carter's power pot played iron.

Gavalkhoke was beaten by eight goals, but only six balls needed to face James Markström.

Goal target

Quick Puck will be named after a game called 'Second Go'. Sam Gugger was locked up in front of Sam Hagvat's passing. The puck started on the other side of the hut.

"I'm beginning to, there's a lot of trouble, we have won a smile, we reach the ball to the ball and allow us to break their sentence," he said. "Move it fast."

Goldberg has matured in Alex Edler. At that time, he changed the downfall of Petersonson by moving the Harvard down to the goal-before-goal spot.

"Bo made a big drama and was able to take it home."

McGeorge Respect

When the king took a moment to remember the former referee Mick McGogo, this weekend ended.

We & # 39; ve boasted & # 39;

On Friday night, Antoen Russell ended the night with a thick bite.

He describes how the team is desperate to have beaten eight defeats in one row.

"We're boiled," he said.

With the end of the game with the sharks, a fraud came along with Mark Edouward.

His remedy was a reminder that his hands were back and it was the only way that he could defend himself. (Travis Green commented that Raussal's hair was subdued.

"That's it," he said. "I do not like a hand in my throat, and your hands will not.

"It's a hard game."

He did not expect the league to be fined after the incident.

Night quotes

The team is about how to get this team.

"Enjoy the moment, this was a black week."

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