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Click & # 39; Iron Chef & # 39; S. Mullan of the Fame Rumatic Arrhythmia

"I felt my first body achy, and a terrorist attack from it, like a knife staring, a pain that I felt like a nail going through my friends, I do not know what's going on."

He tried to work through pain, and for hours to get drunk in the kitchen. 16-hour working shifts and 90-hour weeks to try to get into a new chef industry.

"It was really cruel, but we worked hard to know how to cut your teeth and how to become a professional chef. Unfortunately, we did not work smart."

But hard work is closed. The dwarf star was hot in the world of cooking. Outside of his restaurant, he began appearing at events such as "The Next Ear Chef" and "Chopped". Her career did not go wrong for mysterious pain.

In 2007, Seemas Mullen was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Get burnt

But long hours or even physical workers suffered great losses about the health of the tip. Weight loss and suffering pain and pain.

One morning, he woke up with a sigh of honey. ER and MRI revealed that the journey was a hippopotamus. Mullen has been diagnosed with respiratory ailments.

"Like many people, I thought arthritis was a kidney disease or an old man who was shocked to see that this was a weak disease that could have a long and lasting impact on my life and my welfare."

Fearing that he could not leave him in a wheelchair or fear he could not stand,

"I decided to make a decision for myself whether I would be a bad person or to escape my path from this path." I promised to change my life, but I do not know what I was going to do but I'm going to control my health. "

Chef Seamas is using hedgehog

The recipe for health

So he cooked to improve his health.

"I came from a professional background to know how to eat food, but I did not understand what happened to me for the meal. Many of the foods I had eaten had a negative effect on my body."

Stop feeding millets and processed foods. After he had eaten, he said, "Would it help me or harm me?" And say,

Those who helped us named "Hero Foods".

The hedgehog now has no pain and maintains a lively lifestyle.

On this day of the interview, Mullen CNN film should stop lunch: a small plate of thick eggs, a salad of coarse cabbage, radish, cucumber, fragrance, avocado, angios, anglicus and extra virgin olive oil.

Healthy Fat Contained in Original Oils & Oxides, Omega-3, Tonnes and Vegetables.

Though the "hero" marks these food habits, he indicates that everyone needs to find suitable foods.

"For me it might be avocados, someone may be alternate, everyone knows how to feel good about everyone."

The change is dramatic.

Mullen was a challenge even when he got out of the debt. He now experiences pain and yoga training, increases the weight, bikes and recipes without fear of the arithmetic assault.

"I'm so glad I got ill, it's because I'm passing through the worst and terrifying age of my life.

He is now trying to be a hero for others with a similar pain. His recipes in "Real Food Heals", "Hero Food" are delightful to cook cuisine, cook and enjoy.

"It is important to remember that health can be eaten well and can eat for pleasure, happiness and happiness."

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