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Cholesterol cancers are increasing in younger patients Staff, as a report of AVS Fawarro, a consultant to CTV Medical Officers

Tuesday, May 17, 2019 10:13 PM EDT

New research suggests that the colon and halftime in seven countries, including Canada, are older than 50 years old and have an increase in adults.

Researchers from the World Health Organization examined 143 million people in seven high-income countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Ireland, UK) and the incidence of the disease decreased. In the last ten years, dramatically increased by those below 50.

Chloriculitis refers to cancer colon and rheumatic cancer. Cancer is the third largest in the world. About 1.8 million new cases were reported in 2018.

Recently published findings The Lancet, Cholesterol Cancer has a 3.4% increase in cancer amongst children below 50 years. Among those aged between 50 and 74, decreased by 1.9 per cent. Studies also show an increase in women and girls.

Two years earlier, 38-year-old Kirsten Benson from North Port Hope, who had been diagnosed in the third stage of college cancellation,

"Doctors were certainly surprised because of my age, I had no family history," said CTV News. "Of course they were shocked and I was shocked."

Doctor of surgery, the surgical oncology at Sunny Brock Health Sciences Center in Tendulkar, As for Ashdi Ashmala, this is a study that specializes in cholesterol cancer in adults.

"Although my youngest is 18, I have a number in their teens, 20 in their 30s and 40s," he said.

Obesity, smoking, smoker and physical activity are more common than younger cholesterol cancer. But more studies are needed to confirm these assumptions. For Benson, it is difficult without real explanation.

"The main concern is not anyone can tell or tell us where it comes from," she said. "People will say," Well you eat well, you are worthy, you're exercising. "I have no part in my lifestyle that leads to any cancer in my life, that's a small thing."

CHAPTERAL CANCER screening in Canada usually recommends guidelines for researchers to bring the screen to the screen when they are 50 years old. They advise you to be alert to any age – any changes in bone loss, symptoms of bleeding or a mass of their stomach all are symptoms of cholera cancer.

"Each person should face their symptoms, look into their stool, do not be shy to make changes to the drugs or transmit their bowel wastes to doctors," Ashwella said. This disease will give us better results. "

Diseases are also said to young patients that young doctors share their role in symptoms.

"We have to take those 35-year-old symptoms seriously when we're 60," he said. "Learn what an unusual patient is ill and does not know about ill chronic cancer."

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