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Chandigarh is contesting gambling on Canadian MP Grewal Chandigarh


Rajender Gravel from Liberty MP from the British East Retired from the post.

Ludhiana, the 33-year-old Raj Grewal, addressed his constituency on Saturday. "I know that I have a problem with many lads due to luxury issues, and my attention is now completely spent on my mental health and when I spend with my family."

"I apologize to my family, friends and supporters helpless. Everything you a lot of energy, energy, love, give me the reason. My colleagues and components, you can help your faith in me. I enjoy my job, every moment of the day. Recently, most of which I reference in my ability and my personal prasnattettutarnn I knew that serve factors. That is why I decided to take some time to protect my health, "he said.

A statement released by Prime Minister Justin Toody's office said that Grew had resigned to investigate for gambling for gambling.

Tweeter supported Gravel's decision. "On Thursday (Thursday) I realized that Raj Grewal is facing serious personal challenges and declared that he is still a member of the parliament in the Bamberg East Parliament, which may have been a difficult decision and it was true and I hope he will get the help."

Liberals setback

This step began to disrupt the Punjabi diaspora in Ontario's Canadian province. After the Graval from Saraba village in Ludhiana, the Tuduo team had nominated Liberal Party for the 2019 federal election. After the resignation, Tuduo needs a by-election before.

On October 19, 2015, Gaval, who was in Canada's House of Commons office, announced his personal and health reasons through his Facebook post on Thursday. At the same time, he expressed hope that his constituency could be represented again.

First Published: November 25, 2018 13:49 IST

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