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Canada is preparing to ask gender questions in Canada's pilot census in Canada


Next year, Statistics Canada does not ask 250,000 Canadian residents and never asks for anticipation – and it is compulsory to tell them the truth.

In May and June, the agency is conducting a Royal Experimental Questionnaire and a Pilot Census 2021 for the next Full Sensex Census.

After conducting more than a year negotiations with data users, Stats Canada has decided to add detailed personalized questions – to make sure they are properly answered to ensure that the test is valid.

Canada's Chief Statistician (Stataz Canada), compelled to comply with the 2019 Pilot Census, stated that a voluntary pilot would not be "inappropriate" by Anil Arora. (Scene Kalpatrick / Canadian Press)

That is why Canada's Chief Statistician Anil Arora brought some power projects into the Statistics Act. Next year Pilot Census Information is announcing "Request Mandatory Information".

Anyone who refuses to complete a compulsory census questionnaire or a false or misleading information or any other fraudulent imprisonment can pay up to $ 500. (By the end of 2017, the previous penalty in parliament was banned: up to three months in prison).

He also promised to compel the pilot census in September. The Minister was sent to Naved Bends. "Voluntary experiments in 2019," he said, would result in discrepancy or inaccurate findings from various questions and question content of the proposed content.

The CBC issued a notice under the RTI Act.

Academic data and other users must add census data to 2021 from September 2017 to February 2018. You need to add new questions in 2021. At the end of next year, the report should be made.

The agency spokesperson Peter Frynn rejected new questions by CBC News and called them "progressive progress".

But the aress notice on dealing with sex and gender is among other things.

"Many content modifications proposed in 2021 include small population groups (transgender, non-binary, gay couples, language rights, ethnic groups, labor or student visas, etc.).

Veterans, religion

New questions related to veterans, general health status, religion and expertise in digital technology will also make minor changes to the questions asked by the new Census Years.

Under the Statistical Act, the federal cabinet must accept the final set of questions in the census of 2021. But the questions of the 2019 Pilot have to be accepted by the agency itself.

Previously, statistics Canada had previously made known census tests, but in 2019, there have been a wide range of individual questions.

As part of another pilot project in 2019, the company plans to collect banking and credit information from nearly 500,000 Canadian banks.

Aurora was suspended while conducting the inquiry by Canada's privacy commissioner. The banned financial data pilot, unlike a census, is not directly a survey of Canada.

Private Commissioner Daniel Therien said that the office has been informed to the census pilot in 2019.

"We have held preliminary discussions with statistics Canada in the Census Board of 2019, they took us to get more information," Kiroy Leroc said in an e-mail.

Answers are collected under the authority of the Statutory Act and are strictly kept confidential.– Statisticians Canada spokesman Peter Franine

Last year Arora's three other surveys were approved – two of which were compulsory businesses to provide information relating to mineral production and global distribution networks.

On January 25, 2018, Standard Standard for Centers Gender Definitions and Definitions of Sexual Communication were published.

Canada's Navy Bains, who is in charge of statistics Canada, received a mandatory notice from Arora in September. The Pilot Census will have several new personal questions. (Melanie Ferrari / CBC)

"At home one speaks of sex … a person expressing public sex … In everyday life, including shopping or access to other services including employment, their home or gender identity in a broader society.

"Sexual and gender refers to two different ideas. It is important to note when comparing sexual relationships with new sex. For example, female-sexism is not the same as gender-gender."

The last census of 2016 was not given the option to respond to Canadian citizens in non-binary fashion: only men and women are acceptable answers.

2019 Pilot Censuses Electronic and Paper Formats will be used. Some homes get personalized visits. The results will be "strictly kept confidential", he added.

Previous violations

In the 2016 census, Stats Canada lost hundreds of sensitive files, according to CBC News. When the institute reports are based on the Information to Access Act, statistics describes 20 of Canada's information and privacy violations.

In 2011, Conservative government of Staffan Harper canceled statistics Canada's long-term census in 2011, asking some families to provide more detailed information than standardized censuses.

Industry Minister Tony Clement of the Stephen Harper Conservative government canceled a long-term census in 2011. (Scene Kalpatrick / The Canadian Pis)

"We do not believe the Canadians are right to disclose extensive personalized personal information," said Tony Clemens, then Industry Minister.

"We do not believe that heavy fines, jails, or both should not force customers to disclose such questions.

The Liberal government changed this decision and restored a long-term census in 2016.

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