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Can Canada boldly share in the next generation space station project?

Amit Chakma President and Vice Chancellor

The academic and business leaders of Canada's Space Community are now participating in an Emergency Dialog. Canada's ability to play a leading role in the development of global economic economy globally points to how to close the window. Explore the location.

Lunar Gateway is a unique project for NASA, which emphasizes this timely dialogue, which empowers human expansion into the Solar System. The design and construction of a small station in the next decade, the traffic in London cooperates with public and private partners. From there, space units will be developed, tested in deep exploration, satellite communications, and future missions to further telescopes from Mars.

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Unlike the international space shuttle, 400 km away, the Lunar Gate speed is 400,000 km away. The scientific and technical challenges, particularly the robotics, artificial intelligence and parts of the Canadian power, are adversely affected.

Expert leaders, researchers at the University, broad walkout program, complexity, a global lifestyle program, their global expertise, a global lifestyle program, and financial benefits.

Canada has many reasons for enthusiasm for the Gateway project. We were the third country to launch a satellite to a moon (Alutt 1 in 1962); The first to implement a domestic telecommunication satellite (in 1972); In 1982, direct home service was first deployed. "Canarum" used in space shuttle missiles and international space stations became a symbol of national pride. Has become a world-famous symbol of Canadian dignity. Only the United States and Russia sent more astronomers than Canada did.

Still, space agencies from the US, Europe, Russia and Japan want to participate in the Lunar Gateway, a committed question for Canada's international initiative. In fact, there has been a decline in the space bar in Canada over the past few years. In space, other space zones have moved from eighth position in Canada to 18th in 2016, while other space zones have grown to one per cent of GDP. Our investments have been decades-long non-existent.

Nevertheless, there are expectations that will support a more interesting Canadian Space Strategy, emerging from some strong economic arguments. For example, Morgan Stanley points out that global global space market will rise to $ 1.1 billion by 2040 compared with $ 380 billion in global space markets. This predictable growth will improve our quality of life, depending on satellite imagery, remote sensing, and global statistical data, by rapidly expanding the observation and communication satellites in the next 20 years.

More conventional industries such as mining and space have claimed that their claims have been going on and speculative. Scientists estimate that a football field-sized asteroid would be worth more than $ 50 billion worth of precious metals. If NASA's data on 18,000 asteroids near NASA were detected, the total value of the nearby celestial objects is about 700 quintals. It was not only in science fiction, but by 2016 that Luxembourg had established 225 million dollars. Luxemburg was able to encourage industrial enterprises to set up a set in this sector. Asteroids by 2020.

At the same time, investors in space exploration have to bear the consequences for Canadian economy and the welfare of the Canadians. The use of tools for the exploration of Canadam from the development of the neuromorphism for brain function, the use of the instruments to explore the mining industry, also leads to innovations in space exploration and control of technology development.

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Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Nvidip Baines, Western University Physics, and Astra Professor Sarah Galager also became the first scientific advisor to the Canadian Space Agency on September 12. Promote the science of astronomy and create the direction of future of space research. Galager will help his new role. A week later, Science and Sports Minister Kirsie Duncan Institute of Natural and Sanitation and Western Center for Planning Science and Exploration: The Foundation has highlighted the importance of public awareness campaigns led by Space Matter. How it affects in Canada and in every aspect of our everyday life.

These are the good indicators of our government leaders to sponsor opportunities in Canada. But there will be very few steps to demand large capital investment of the government. If we are serious about enabling the next generation of Canadian explorers and entrepreneurs to stabilize this country in the emerging space economy, the stocks are very high. He is an important player in the Lunar Gateway Project in Canada.

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