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Calgary councilor accused of responding to the city in budget talks

Counselors are preparing for budget negotiations on Calgary on November 26, 2018, by Counselor Jeromey Farkess. Darren Makovik / Postmeedia

Darren Makowichuk / Darren Makovitch / PostMedia

A city councilor named "reputational mishap" in the city hall was seen by his four year old municipalities in the budget.

The dispute started when the cousin came. Speaking about closure of labor negotiations, they suggested that they were "walking out". His colleagues dismissed on Tuesday.

"If you play in the fire, if you are carelessly dealing with your colleagues, why do you expect me to respect you?" Mayor Nahid Nancy told the public in-camera after meeting with the public on Tuesday.

"Tell the media the same thing about this list, and I hope to use this as an opportunity to reflect your character."

Several councilors have suggested that they should prioritize advertising statements by Farquvas. & # 39; s & # 39; s description to defame & # 39; s integrity and reputation of unofficial staff and city hall institution.

Counselors have suggested that Farkas was responsible for spreading "misunderstandings" about councilor and city staff pensions.

Fartz's recent insurer was mistaken about some of the mistakes he had made to pay for councilors to buy a token for their service.

In recent years, instead of gifts like watches or rings, the councilors were given a $ 500 reward for their service provider. Counselor Ray Jones said thousands of people had reserved the reason for the sharp fall in gold prices.

"We did not pay for the ring, so we said we had to pay a ring or a watch, and they said they chose what they chose," added the councilors left after the 2017 municipal elections. Money will be provided for this purpose.

Coun. Jeff Davison said. He said he was out of camera in in-camera on Tuesday.

"Perhaps he was threatened, perhaps he did not do that," Davison said. "The reality is, the table and 14 other people around the city will be compensated for the city, damages to governance and governance.

"Enough enough, this is what I saw here today.

When asked about opposition from his colleagues, Farke said, "That's not about me."

"I will not apologize to fight for the people I represent," said Farkswas.

"I will not allow things to be personalized."
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