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Bravo's Andy Cohen Pitched a Script In The Craziest Way


Andy Cohen Instagram

Andy Cohen, an executive producer at Bravo, probably gets his share of wild comments, with some fringing on the obscene. Cohen maintains an active social media profile, often posting on both Instagram and Twitter, and will interact with followers from time to time.

Cohen's amiable personality is typically a favorite among both his fans and the guests he welcomes on Watch What Happens Live. However, Cohen does not say words when he's not thrilled with someone. Controversy sparked following Cohen bestowing the dubious "jackhole" honor on the workout queen Jillian Michaels over her pushback of the wildly popular keto diet.

Fans quickly took sides, including NBC weatherman Al Roker, who was on Team Andy. "So @JillianMichaels says #Keto is a bad idea, "he tweeted. "This is a woman who promoted on camera bullying, deprivation, manipulation and more weekly in the name of weight loss. Now those sound like bad ideas. "So how did this public battle lead to Cohen being pitched a script? Even Cohen can not believe it.

Michaels has been all over Cohen's radar

Even though the two make no bones about not liking each other, Michaels began posting about Cohen following the "jackhole" comment. "@Andy I think you single handedly sold a ton of copies of my new book The other" jackholes "wondering why they should not do Keto This 'jackhole' thanks you," Michaels wrote.

Michaels then posted a story about Cohen calling out NBC co-anchor Savannah Guthrie's "dumb" decision to do keto too. She simply tweeted, "@Andy ummm?" A video directed at Roker followed, as well as another tweet. "I have an idea … @Andy @alroker How about a civil intelligent debate on The Keys book and keto instead of personal attacks and name calling? I'm also a motivator and I know you guys can do this. "

This fan really went after Cohen

Many comments on Michaels' tweets were on her side, however many also conveyed that keto helped them. However, one fan may have taken her loyalty to Michaels perhaps too far.

The fan reached out directly to Cohen to bash him for what she saw as public shaming. The sentence was followed by two derogatory words directed at Cohen.

The exchange takes a bizarre twist

Andy Cohen Instagram

Cohen took a screenshot of the fan's comments because he could not believe what he was reading either. He uploaded the exchange to his Instagram story and even questioned what he just read too.

Following the first jab, Cohen responded, "Excuse me? How do your kids feel about trolling strangers and calling them c ** ksuckers? "But the reply he received had his jaw on the floor. The person responded, "We feel good. We get our feelings out. That process really helps us with those who are the real thing. BTW. We have a screen play you may be interested in. Must warn ya It's pretty rough. Any interest? "

Not sure what happened, Cohen's next entry in his Instagram story was looking pretty looking at him. "To summarize. That gal called me a c ** ksucker, then tried to pitch ME A SCREENPLAY. I want to make you saw that fascinating right turn! "

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