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Before the Night Commission, Cheney insures the insurance company

The great QL player Erik Chenovitz (left) of the Great Alaska shootout has good memories. This year's event is the last of the Tour's 40 years history.

The great QL player Erik Chenovitz (left) of the Great Alaska shootout has good memories. This year's event is the last of the Tour's 40 years history.

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Customized kisses, slakes, small, woven blue, brown striped tie, 7-legged 1, and 270 pounds Kansas basketball center Eric Chenovith 22nd Night Night Interpol Giant Atlantis Washington D.C.

"I am proud to have a real student-atelte working now as a professional insurance professional in more than 50 universities, thanks to me," said the 40-year-old Cheney was started an eight-minute speech.

Knight commissioned colleges established in 2001 as the owner and founder of the "leverage" insurance company in Corona del Mar, California, founded the 2001 KU Graduate Chenivivit, "to promote the reforms that assisted and strengthened college sports education mission in 2001", and their total athletic stake Describe the process of buying and selling the lost value.

These disability policies are designed to protect professional revenue in future students and athletes.

"My business model is simple," Chevyvit told those present at the JW Maritime Hotel near Penzwanea, near Venice House. "I am coaches and co-op directors, I will not call the families directly, I will not call the student-athletes directly, and I suspect some schools can be caught by the guards."

Allowing poor five buffalo schools through the School-Athletic Aid Fund to allow workers who work in Chennithivu for insurance policies. Each year $ 350,000 will be given.

Various coverage plans are explained as early as possible.

"The constant total deficiency insurance is the cornerstone of our market. Do you know that if you can not have players like basketball, football, baseball and hockey again – if you have cancer or beat a foot – can you become a student athlete?" Chennivit said.

Many athletes deny total deficiency as "my career does not end all the advances in medicine". Thus, loss of lodging (insurance for partner) in London is lost. & # 39;

"NBA, Baseball, Hockey, Football) takes a projection about where you go, and set up a paycheck and take about 50 percent of that projected value If your carrier has endless wounds, it will prove to be hidden in your mail (draft) Where is the space Where they will learn the difference between what you signed. "Ceneavitt explained.

Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tigilabi, Basketball Hall of Famer David Robinson, former US Secretary Arun Duncan, CEO of American Airlines CEO Derek Kear, a new product and a category of two categories for a new innovation in the "Critical Investment Market, a crucial benefit plan, including former CEO, college presidents and chancellors, prominent Legal Baseball."

An example includes scattered acrylic, ACL toron and rotor gun injuries. Examples of two categories are scattered quad or hamsters, broken muscle meat, and triypsez muscle.

"A particular injury gets a fixed benefit, it takes gray area, and so many schools are expensive, but you know exactly what's happening within the fixed range," Shenov pointed out.

He said the colleges will pay premium for the policies. From 1998 to 2001 he started playing in the KU.

"When I was in school, I borrowed to pay premiums for my insurance, and what you need to do is" pro go for a pro basketball player for eight years before entering the insurance business. "If your family can afford it, you have to pay for that insurance, and my family has no place to pay my premium, and I took a loan and finally gave it to me, and I taught me financial responsibilities and taught me paperwork.

"Five or six years ago the NCAA's absolute authoritarian laws changed (in the meantime) I had to borrow student loan for a manufacturer."

For player players, playing for the disabled insurance, Cheney said.

Paul Pearce and Raiff LaFrench all had a disability insurance policy. "The commission went on to say to the members," Eric you have to talk to a coach (roy) as a coach. "Coach said," Eric is going to talk to Richard Connensky to get there.

"I was walking down the hallway (Assistant talk to keansemineat AD), I was as respectful of each vidyart'thiniyeyea atlarrukaraneyum, & # 39; I began to play, I am going to do? & # 39; you can not have enough money to retire after the basketball, I will always be able to sell insurance on my head vittuntayirunnu ASEAN, so that the work of the student athletes. "That seed is grown, and then like in life."

One of the members of the Commission asked how many times they would be "difficult to collect" even when paying athletes against these policies.

Careers affecting the field of hand are a little too short of injury and injuries.

In 2018 I wrote 110 sport cases (policies). I have a potential right now, "told the Chainivis Knight Commission," that is less than 1 percent of the time. & # 39; Hard Date Date & # 39; I do not like the word, but click on it to cause a lot of things to happen.

"I'm proud of doing the right things, explaining how they're buying and how it works, and there's a predetermined expectation, as long as we are back in the pick-up, I've paid my work and I'm doing it right. Disability) There were too many claims for price and value loss. "

Consumers who have collected benefits from their policies will not call Chenovith.

"I do not want to use one's tragedy for my own self promotion," Shenovith the Star said. "It's strictly confidential, and some brokers know people I'm always up to it.

"Coach Williams, I have great knowledge of NCAA Guidelines, Jurisdiction and Spirit, Coach Williams is now running the ship," his wife Bethani and his son Cooper (2) added to Cheney, who lives there. It is when I become transparent then I teach a teacher and orderer. Calls, Compliance Directors, Call Center etc. is a simple business model. If they choose to use my services as good. If not, each of us will go in different ways. "

The only worry about such insurers presented in the Night Commission is that "Rogue brokers are returning, behind the scenes without knowledge of the schools, and other worries are denied due to poor underwriting and unstable market backing, my underwriting is good and my markets are strong."

His only suggestion?

"Closing insurance premiums will allow students to use athletic aid fund instead of providing universal public athletic budget," he said.

For aviation athletes for flight attendants, student and athletes' aid funds have been used to buy formal clothes and buy iPads and computers for traveling to athletes.

He wants to see the Knight Commission meet again.

"It was a complete and complete honor, and I am very grateful to be part of the first goal of improving student and athlete's life," he said. "All sportspersons look in a way that can do little to protect their financial achievements, and then I'm all right."

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