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BBC – Future – NASA mission to a billion people


This is 21 December 1968, 7.50am, Cape Kennedy, Florida. Apollo 8 employees – Frank Bourbon, Jim Lowell and Bill Anders. It is located at 110 meters (363 feet) in height. There is a ticket to start a few moments and they can do more. Four million liters of fuel are going to conquer them. They use the BBC TV commentator "sits like a big bomber".

There are all the reasons that cause concern. A few months ago, at 5pm, an unprecedented exam could have killed stronger lobbies and G-forces in Barcelona. Although the rocket was modified, NASA threatened Berman's wife. For this mission it is 50/50 possibility.

The concern about NASA's management is not the performance of Saturn 5 rockets. Apollo 8 is the first one – a big jump in the race to man on the moon. This is the first companion to launch from Earth's orbit. This is the first preliminary draft in the Moon's orbit, 40,000 km (25,000mph). This mission is a space agency that has killed the Soviet Union near our neighbor.

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"It was a very bold decision," says Moore Harmony, Apollo Curator Tassel at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. Sir Bernard Lovel, a British scientist from the United States, had a lot of criticisms that "everyone in the agency was a very dangerous target."

In fact, Apollo 8 was never an ambitious desire. It was originally planned as the first test of Apollo Lander in Earth's orbit. On top of that, the CIA The Soviets suggested that they reveal the secret information to try their own human flight around the moon (you can read how fast they are next.

"Everyone forgets that the Apollo mission is not a journey of exploration or scientific discovery, which was a war in the Cold War," Barnman says, "We were cold wars."

Bourman, a former military wartime pilot, has no doubt that this mission will succeed after four months of intensive training, despite the mood of his senior officers.

"By the end of the decade, we changed the mission to complete the Chandran landing, and Berman said that President Kennedy had offered him," In my opinion, this mission was operating not only in the United States but in everywhere. "

Once the engines call zero and countdown, Saturn takes 5 slow memory and becomes a blue in the sky blue. "We feel as if we had a needle," Borman says. "Voicing influenced the great power – I had a rare feeling for Ride without having to get anything."

We looked at the moon – Frank Barman

"It's hard to breathe, it's impossible, your eyes are spreading, so you'll see the tunnel," it's an extraordinary experience.

Eight minutes later they are in orbit. During the one-and-a-half holidays, the rocket's third-tipped engine was burned, and the earth was bursting out of the moon. After 402,000 kilometers (250,000 miles) for two days, the moon will rotate around 8.55 GMT on the Bermon Apollo Service Module on Christmas Eve, causing a crucial engine burning cycle.

"I think we've shot a four-speed engine that is enough to get into the lunar orbit," recalls Borman. "A third of the time I traveled through it, and we looked and the moon was there."

The ship is the first person to see the moon's telescope with their own eyes. "I do not feel anything that taught me the sad nature of the lunar surface – it is hiding beyond our beliefs," Borman says. "It was uncomfortable with chaos, craters and volcanic sediments, so it was so much fun for a different world."

Moreover, the moon is an unexpected point of view. 75 hours and 48 minutes high on the Moon's surface, the blue glittering marble color is shown above the moon.

"The difference between the distressed moon and the beautiful blue earth was remarkable, the earth was the only color in all the universe," says Borman. "You can see white clouds and brown pink highlands … we are very lucky to live on this earth."

A mission considered as a risky test of human technology and astrology becomes an unexpected emotion for those involved. The Earth's surface will not be published until Apollo reaches Eight Earth. On the Christmas day of 1968, however, the planet received another prize.

"NASA Public Affairs Officer told Barman that one billion people expected to be one-fourth of the world's population to broadcast their Christmas Eve TV from the cyclone," says Muir Harmony, "more people listen to their broadcasts than any other man's voice and say something fitting Was gone. "

We tried to expel three of us and our wives – we could not – Frank Bourman

"This is one of the most striking moments of the independent state," Borman says. "Do you think when the Soviets rise up, we talk about Lenin and Stalin?

But with "something appropriate", it was not so simple. "Three of us and our wives tried to understand that," says Borman. "We could not."

He turned to his friend, a friend. "I understand he is leaving the whole night, and when his wife walked, his wife was a former French defender who did not start early."

On Christmas Eve (US Time), while visiting the Sun in the sun, As the cameras evaporated, the book started from the book of Genesis. "In the beginning …" Anders began. Barname's ending was "Good Night, Good Luck, A Christmas Christmas, God Bless You, All You Are The Good Earth."

"Our most difficult thing is, at least, we believe that the universe is bigger than us," says Börn. "It is very accurate and is as richly impossible as any form of divine creation."

But the mission is not over. On the Christmas day Barnon exits the engine's lunar orbital path. "On the other side of the moon, the Earth is a rotating burner, it has failed, and I'm surrounding the moon".

"Please inform here, there is a Santa Claus!" They call it louder, and they get in touch again. Even Santa was handed over. Specially designed Fire-Prope Festival Ribbon, group from Task Dinner and their method of control: A turkey dinner with gravy.

"[Our boss] The three strokes of Brande's board struck the Deccal Slaton, but we did not drink it. "Borman says," I did not want to blame if something is wrong, so we brought it home. "

It broadened the limits of human experience and appreciated the earth and our place in the universe – Tesel Murrr Harmony

"I do not know what happened to me," he adds. "It will now be worth a lot of money."

On December 27, the ship moved back to Earth and brought their goal into the Pacific Ocean. The perfect end for a perfect mission is the last proof of the quest for the Moon.

"Apollo 8 is not only a great deal of scientific and engineering, but it has affected" the way we value the land and our place in the universe, "Muir Harmony says.

Colonel Barman is a very hard warrior in the 90s, one of the greatest achievements of his final mission is to bring the United States to a moon.

"I'll be honest with you, I do not think about the legacy of Apollo VIII," he says. "Apollo 11 has won [in landing men on the Moon]I did not like the program. I helped fight a war in the Cold War and we succeeded. "

Listen to the 22nd Richard Radio 3 Program broadcast to hear more from Frank Barman, Apollo 8, Astronaut talking about astrology.

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