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Autocuctor's clashes have increased for clocks in the GM plant

"Ford, Krissler, G-Everyone should now face"

Autocuctor's clashes have increased for clocks in the GM plant

Jerry White

29 November 2018

Five plants were closed in the US and Canada following the collapse in the General Motors announcement. More than 15,000 wage and workers shut down. Three assembly plants in Detroit, Lartoston, Ohio, Ontario and Andrews will be shut down next year. Two transmission plants in Baltimore will be shut down. , Meridian, Michigan, and Warren's Detroit Empire.

Detroit-based automobile manufacturer's 38 per cent increase in North American profit for third quarter This is a turnaround for $ 10 billion profit and $ 42 billion in the past five years. With the ending of Wall Street and gaining the GM shares up to seven per cent, by 2020 the investments would be made available to investors through dividend payments and subsequent investments.

The main editorials were cut down Wall Street Journal, Washington Post Other corporate regulatory media. GM and 500 dollars corporate tax break GM and tranche and Democrats took over. GM along with the United Auto Union union union, China and Mexico Nevertheless, big business and UAW are constantly campaigning to break the wages and conditions of the workers to distribute more money to corporate and finance workers.

"This is the best of capitalism," said Fiat Chrysler worker at Angela, Coca-Cola, about the workers at the plant. "They show that this will give anything other than the stock market, and they know that Christmas is coming and they do not have a job next year, and I can imagine that these workers will be pressured when they try to buy gifts for their children.

"Savings, the media and the record low unemployment, the economy santustaranennum so much that they uyarccayilunt BS. I thought about the United States, more than any other country in the world to use. And it is telling us that in Mexico or China's fault, or disappointed in shelters Rrakkar jealiyetukkunnunt … I hate all the criminals.

"What has changed since the crash in 2008? They saved big corporates and all corporations and no workers were available for us.

The global financial crisis of 2008 reintroduced Obama's 2009 integration into GM and Chrysler. This is the wages for all new workers, at the end of eight hours, Job's annihilation of the bank, certain nature of income protection for including workers.

Instead of transferring these benefits, the UAW has regulated the multi-billion ritter health care trusts and the largest portion of UG's corporate equity. The UAW is still maintaining a total of 100 million stocks currently worth $ 3.67 billion in February last year, selling 40 million shares of the company to $ -1.6 billion. When GM stock was lifted after the announcement of the plant, the value of the acquisition increased by $ 214 million.

As it has done for the past four decades, the UAE contracts have been redirected in 2009, 2011 and 2015 respectively. The jobs were "safe" on a false basis that the corporations would increase their profits.

This year, while workers and mass struggles are struggling with workers in the United States and globally, GM's forthcoming signal to Wall Street indicates not to maximize profits from workers. After the expiration of their four-year labor contract in September 2019, the job cuts off to recover the 140,000 GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler AutocorCorp, which has decided to get lost revenue and gain considerable gain.

Ford decided to cut the shift in these two plants after GM's announcement. In Kentucky's Louisville assembly plant, 500 jobs were stopped. The company claims that the workers will be transferred to other plants without a permanent solution. However, many temporary part-time (TPT) and short-term subsidiary (STS) workers, even though they have shut down Union Dues, are not getting little job protection.

One worker at the nearby Kentucky Transmission Plant told the WSWS: "The Louis Willy Assembly Plant has announced that they have stopped people and we have heard that 500 people are going to change our plant, but what is happening to TPT and STS workers? That's quite unpleasant B. "

"I'm not surprised by what GM has done," said a GR contract worker in the Detroit area. "Cut off people, families, communities, cut down and destroy, and look back at Detroit 40 years ago, that's pretty, now look at flint and turn everything they touch touch to t ** t."

If workers are not shutting down the plant, it means Detroit, Oasawa, and the tragedies of cities surrounding Lordstown Plant in Ohio. The decades of denunciations and poverty have been crushed for decades. The low cost is to eliminate 35,000 jobs in Supplyer plants and service industries as a result of the closure of the shutdown.

"We have to attack everywhere in the United States – for everyone – Ford, Chrysler, GM, and everyone else – needs a strike now," said a GMO employee at Detroit-Hemtran plant AutoOcker Newsletter.

Tommy, already halting from the lathaston plant, said, "We have a lot of people, we're being tricked and we're ready to do something in the fight."

"It must be a movement across America," said another Lord's worker. "We have to consider it as a movement, because defections are not an option."

"The fight is for job opportunities, they are leaving job opportunities," formerly Detroit-Hampton GM According to a TPT employee of a youth in the FCA Sterling Heights Assemble, who worked in the plant. "Many workers are trying to get enough time to retire in the plant, which will affect all workers, including businesses and suppliers throughout the shutdown sector.

"TPT workers like me will survive the worst decade," she added.

In the workplace, UAW's international maneuver is in the scandal of a millions of dollars handing out bribe from Fiat's executives instead of signing the company contracts. In the past year, GMT's former UAW vice president of GN Sindu signed a contract to dismiss workers before removing the second waste of three shifts in Lordstown.

"The UAW knew it was coming," said DC, an FCA Tokyo-based employee. "I think Estrada is basing this, and I think it would be more curiosity, more gimmick gim and grab more customers and train our customers in dealer discussions," he said, adding that the company would be able to impose these plants to train more workers for further acquisition.

"UAW will approach the GE as a target company, and if they want to withdraw their jobs, they can say that they have a shot.

Coca-Cola joined the "UAW" Angela, the transformation of the FCA. "It's a bribe-taking institution, its top officials will give money, build their cottages on the Black Lake, see they write on the wall, and the laborers have abandoned their money and want to steal everything they need before they go forward.

"The workers are going to face the closure of the plants, they tell us to tell the truth, but the problem is that we already know about the truth about what we are doing, and the working class is going to stay and power from power."

Mark, a 26-year-old temporary part-time worker at GM's Detroit-Hampton plant, found only "news the news". It's really nice. They & # 39; sorry & # 39; We found this way. We have not heard anything till the union president has arrived. "

After high school education, Marc wartime spent $ 10 an hour for four hours. Four years ago GM was employed as a TPT worker. But never everlasting. Several times the plants have to move due to temporary closures or closures, each time the seniority is over and so it does not get a permanent job. "I'm moving to the plant from the plant," he said. Most recently, he left his place in the summer of 2017 at the lorian plant in GM. Earning $ 15 a hour. I do not know what to do with a declared clausa.

"GM is now padding their pockets," he said. "We're getting a little off. That's the way to work. That is what we are used to in the US. Most of the demand is coming at least. Then look at the top. If you're working in, you will not only to you, and they should remain. Relish the opportunity to live, to survive. We are working with the company's daily sq.ft. Yyunnavaranennirikke we want to behave in a way that we could not you think it is. "

Mark did not say he could do a great repairs if he collapsed in his car. "I can afford the basic needs," he said. "It's a fight and we're disappointed as we get out of here for about five or six o'clock, and we're getting home at 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock, and you're back at once."

He felt that all workers had a full time job, not just in the United States, but internationally. "Everyone is deserving of jobs and I think we can have an impact on the same wage if we are together in different countries to ensure that we are in the same country." This is not a wealthy rich wealth that employs a working-class working class to work more and more than just the poor. Every riches must be separated separately, so that each one of them gets the same amount. "

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