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Ashley Martens and Jem Smith respond to the divorce


Has your honeymoon gone? Ashley Martens, Season 6 90 days fan Her husband J Smith has also applied for divorce.

On January 11, the divorce petition was filed. Ashley has been hospitalized due to lupus infection.

How did you respond to dependent divorce?

After divorcing news, Ashley suddenly returned to Instagram with a post. She shared a photo and jai with her, "What's this F *** fault?" And then wrote #notcool. They did not confirm whether she and Jr. were divisible. even though, 90 days fan Blogger John Yeates thinks he has received a copy of divorce documents Shared on Twitter.

Jaya, from his side, refused to comment directly on the rumors. But he also posted a happy photograph of himself and himself on the beach.

Why did a couple divide?

The reason for Ashley and Jeyeem ending is bad. After their wedding, Ashley revealed that she was sending messages to other women online. He was really upset.

A little before Christmas, the couple broke to each other. They keep appearing publicly, and they no longer continue to one another. A GoFundMe has begun to win, "a space for helping me and my feet," US Weekly pointed out. (GoFundMe not active.)

Jayna said she had been cheating on both sides of the marriage. In an Instagram message, He wrote "Fai: Everyone comes to me and I'm not the only person who is talking to other people in our relationship / marriage time.

How Ashley's health can overcome the crisis?

The couple were out of the batch, but after Ashley's health problems, Jake was on her side. He had a photo view from her hospital room:

I have hurt you. I'm not a good husband. I walk on a second level that I found you [were] I was twice there in the hospital. We have our differences, but I will not let you live all my life. I love you, nothing will change. Thank you for helping me to support you.

Ashley's health problems are likely to cause a reconciliation between the couple. However, some fans think that something is catching. They are demanding a GoFundMe to ask Ashley's medical bills to pay. Before the end of the campaign, it rose from $ 5,000 to $ 3,860. Haters of social media in social media thought the followers were "tricking people to make money". Others were subsequently questioned after the party emerged with the party in Jail after being released from the hospital.

Anyway, the story of Ashley and Jai seems to have ended. There are rumors that they appear to appear in the next season 90 days fan: what time will be happier.

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